Dutch NT 2021

  • Agreed! I think it's a smart move for both the coaches and H. Jasper herself to play libero

    I just took a look at the 2019 VNL roster. I'm wondering why Aniek Siebring is not on the longlist this year? Maybe she is not in the picture anymore

    She played in Finland this year (and her team became the champions btw)

  • Short interview (in Dutch) with Laura Dijkema:

    She says negotiations with Lokomotiv Kaliningrad on the contract are going well, but she received more offers from other clubs. Most likely she will stay in Russia, because it is financially attractive. Besides that she learned some Russian, so she can make herself clear to her teammates. Also it would be a lot easier to adapt now she has gotten used to the culture of Russia.

    Already she started to train with Dutch NT, so most probably she will be available during VNL.

    She is still feeling physically good, so she plans to continue playing volleyball for a while.


  • Another interview with Dijkema including a 10 minute long video interview. It's about her past season as well as coming NT season, missing out on the Olympics and a lot of other things.

    Maybe I'll find time tomorrow to translate some highlights. A goals she still has, (she also mentioned it in the other interview) is that she really wants to play a CL final four