Serbia NT 2021

  • Wouldn't Vargas be Mihajlovic's replacement?

    Apparently not.

    You really think that Brankica will have the same powerful arm swing at her 33 of age, her biggest weapon ??

    Unless she gets a chronic shoulder problems, sure. Why not?

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  • Noone has posted news about Stefana Veljkovic gave birth to her son, Luka before 5days ago :D, wrong emoji it was :D. ^^

  • And with amazing performance for just 19yo setter, Rada Perović confirm that she deserve as fast as possible chance to show her in national team, first of all it will be really ridicilous to not see her and Veselinović in VNL, also i don't have problem with some of this 2 in Olympic roster even, because in addition to the desperate season Mirkovic in general it simply does not have that potential. The only reason Mirkovic could be seen as a better choice is the experience and time she spent with the team in the past, but I personally think it would be much more useful for the future of the Serbian national team if Veselinovic and Perovic start their national team story as soon as possible.

    *What I forgot, and it is important to complete my thought and comment, it seems to me that Zivkovic will not return to volleyball (at least not for OG) I emphasize it just seems to me, no information or anything like that is known to me.

  • I found a post on the Chinese Weixin platform. Is this really the squad for the Serbian national team 2021? I feel sorry for Stevanovic and Brakocevic if this is true

    Outside Spikers: Mihajlovic, Busa, Milenkovic, Lazovic, Lozo, Blagojevic

    Middle Blockers: Rasic, Veljkovic, Popovic, Aleksic, Markovic, Kocic

    Opposite: Boskovic, Bjelica, Kubura

    Setters: Ognjenovic, Mirkovic, Djordjevic, Jaksic

    Libero: Popovic, Pusic, Gocanin


  • Interview with Maja Ognjenovic about election as a member of the FIVB Sports Commission. It's on Serbian (unscripted), and part about Sports commission isn't that interesting, but she said few things with is significant so i want to share it.

    Host: How does a professional athlete come to terms with the fact that his career has a limited duration, how do you come to terms with the fact that something that is your passion you will no longer be able to do on some level?

    Maja: It is certainly not easy, even now that I think the end is near, I have to mention that I have signed a contract for two more seasons, so I will have at least two seasons to slowly think about what awaits me next,..........

    This was followed by the question of the presenter, where Maja draws her motive for continuing her career, having in mind that she won a lot, ......

    Maja: I am by nature the type of person who always finds something that is missing and I always find something that will motivate me for the future so now I am a bit bored because all sports journalists know how much I look forward to the title in the Champions League, just a few days ago we have qualified for the finals, which will take place on May 1, so I hope that it will be a complete as far as club medals are concerned, because that is the only thing that is missing.

    As for my position, I kind of started late, I have to admit, to enjoy on the court, late I started to realize how much my position requires experience and how many years and effort it took me to experience that I can do everything on the court, and then now that it is so and when I already feel so nice and powerful on the court then it would be a real shame to stop at the moment when the other say I am one of the best in the world. I hope that after the next two seasons I will have no motive to be on the court anymore, but again I would like to be a part of the volleyball world (this refers to positions in the commissions of the FIVB, CEV).

  • For me the most interesting thing about Maja interview when She said that the setter starts to enjoy in their game when they are around 30-32 years old and this are the years are when setters are reaching their peaks. I mean many of us agree with that. And She mentioned that many others setters, older than her, said to her the same thing but She disndt agree with them until It happend to her.

    We judge to soon young setters and We don’t get it that setters needs many years to become stabile and world class players.

  • He called her and He didn’t call Jovana Stevanovic who is in great shape !!! :aww::aww:

    One thing is clear if Brankica doesn’t wake up the lion in her I don’t they can repeat WCH gold at Olympicsy She is the biggest key next to Maja and Boskovic.

  • B team based on rumours I've heard in this forum. Some even said that Serbia may not show up.

    Literally no info yet about rumors or any B teams.