Serbia NT 2021

  • Mihajlovic isn't with the team in Belgrade, it is quite possible that she won't play at EuroVolley.

    If she heals injuries, it would make no sense for her to be 🤔It will be needed at the World Championship 2022🙏 I'm glad Veljkovic is coming back🥰

  • Veljkovic's club? where is she playing?

    I only found information that she has a maternity break and nothing about the new club🤔

  • Well, it looks like Terzić isn't going anywhere. He said in an interview yesterday that he'll remain the NT coach "as long as he has the drive and motivation". I can't really imagine him ever getting fired, so it's all up to him basically.

    He said he wanted to step down after the fiasco at ECh '09, but the people from the national federation convinced him to stay. He also said he had the offer to take over the Russian NT at some point, but he declined because he cannot see himself coaching a team other than Serbia, although Russia is the closest thing in his eyes.

    And in another non-news, we still don't know the ECh squad.

  • hope he is a great husband to her and she not regret this decision.

  • I think quite unfair that always the woman is the one who has to step back. If he earns more and they are ok with it. Good. I know that isnt my business, but just my opinion.

    Could both of them retiring from NT and playing in club level?

  • After the absence of any information related to her club, I can't say that I did not expect such an outcome, but I definitely hoped for a different. Certainly can’t wait to see her at EuroVolley, even not being on top level, her energy is something that this team ATM need as hell.

  • Ok , im going to cry 🥲🥺. That's it😭. She is my favourite mb, i just hope she goes crazy and make a comeback. I just cant with the amount of top players retiring this year. Really sad. Wish the best for her and her family:heart:

  • I'm not ready for this ;(;(;(

    THE ultimate fave of mine of all times and there will never be anyone like her again. God dammit, she could have easily played until Paris. I mean, I totally understand her decision, but I'm still devastated :(

    And now she simply has to play the ECh, I don't even care what sort of shape she's in. She missed out on playing the Euro at home once already, she deserves to have this kind of farewell. If Terzić doesn't select her after bringing Brankica to Tokyo to be a cheerleader, I'm gonna throw eggs at him.

  • Ya'll might not believe this but she was always Miss Volleyball to me. Dead serious, violent, good at it, and fun. All at once. I enjoyed her to the fullest. Best wishes you Attractive Brunette <3

  • I didn't have a backup so I had to go to, just to revive this moment.. Thank you for everything :rose:

  • Maja Aleksic due to injury will not be able to play at EuroVolley.

    So sad about this, i was hoping that she will have a chance to show herself in best way at this competition but unfortunatelly,.....:wall:

    Fast recovery Maja! :rose:

  • Finally

    s: Ognjenović, Mirković

    opp: Bošković, Bjelica, Carić

    oh: Milenković, Buša, Blagojević, Lazović

    mb: Rašić, Veljković, Popović, Kocić

    l: Popović, Pušić

    According to article, coaches doesn't need to choose just 14 players, they can choose more and swap them during the competition.…k-za-ep-opet-sa-stefanom/

  • ATM Pušic is the player which is out of protocol (14 players).

  • And this is 16th player of Serbian Team, definetly the cutest one.

  • In my opinion, this is a stronger line-up than on the IO: D For sure the left side is strengthened, only Carić's question certainly showed her very good side during the VNL:rose:

  • Never heard you can have more than 14 players for European Championships