Serbia NT 2021

  • Aleksic is on fire today.

    Bad transfer for her, but maybe didn't have better offers than that, i reject to believe that she actually chose Volero among plenty of good offers.

    Milenkovic doesn't play bad, it's true, but with Busa and Blagojevic in roster she is useless. Lazovic is much more needed to this team.

    it is true:thumbup:I wonder how they leave tomorrow:what::cheesy:

  • I have never seen Boskovic as pretty 'white' pale until now :what:

  • at least italy win a set

    A bad game,so many errors,all sets even from moki are bad set to egonu

  • Unfortunatelly Mirkovic. Ofc if Maja will retire. Perovic is coming so i will much appreciate "just" one more Olympic cycle from Maja, she can do that and Serbia need that.

    They can try Mirkovic, but I doubt she will level up, I guess they will try someone new instead. There's only 3 years until Paris, Maja will be 40, Fofão won OG at 38 and then retired, it isn't impossible for her.

    Unfortunately Antonijevic it's out of the picture.

  • congrats serbia

    I gonna say even if italy wins that serbia was real winner

    They use bests when they need and then put backups...italy worries me...they enter in this match for win and this shouldn't have been the purpose

    I hope they can make other friendlies cause I doubt this 3 matches make the team be ready for OG

  • I do believe We are gone watch Folie-Fahr duo tomorrow. I’m happy that they are playing 3 friendly matches they need playing time.

    Litterally noone is in right shape so I’m not worried.

    Maja Ognjenovic played really good.

  • I don’t remember when was the last time She had below 50% in attack :cheesy:

    Can’t wait for next two matches !

  • Out of topic: Italy needs another scorer apart from Egonu. Mazzanti should try Pietrini as starter along side Caterina.

    Cate Bosetti can be that second scorer give her a time, but I agree I would try Pietrini over Sylla.

    She has better reception.

  • Maja's husband made a big fuss on Twitter the other day about her not being chosen as Serbia's flagbearer at the Olympics. Instead the honour went to the basketball player Sonja Petrović who led Serbia to the gold medal at the European championships last month.

    He said it was only his opinion and he didn't consult her before throwing his tantrum, but I really wish he hadn't done it. The team really doesn't need any outside distractions at the moment.