FIVB Sport commision election

  • FIVB announced list of 16 players (8 indoor volleyball / 8 beach volleyball). The commision will consist of 10 names (5men/5women && 5ind/5beach) from this list of wich 5 will be determined as member of FIVB sport commision choosen by players which will be vote online via FIVB platform in second half of January 2021 and other 5 will be direct decision of FIVB president Ary Graca Filho

    Players list:

    Indoor volleyball:

    1. Maja Ognjenović (SRB)
    2. Milagros Cabral De La Cruz (DOM)
    3. Neslihan Demir Guler (TUR)
    4. Malgorzata Glinka Mogentale (POL)
    5. Jordan Larson (USA)
    6. Polina Rahimova (AZE)
    7. Sam Deroo (BEL)
    8. Samuele Papi (ITA)

    Beach volleyball :

    1. Louise Bawden (AUS)
    2. Madelien Meppelink (NED)
    3. Marketa Slukova (CZE)
    4. Anouk Verge Dupre (SUI)
    5. Chen Xue (CHN)
    6. Joshua Binstock (CAN)
    7. Julius Brink (GER)
    8. Delcio Soares (MOZ)
  • What happens when you get to be a member of the FIVB sport commission?

  • What happens when you get to be a member of the FIVB sport commission?

    TBH i don't know exactly, but i think that this commission (at least similar) is ATM know as athletes commission, launched in 2016 in Volleyball House at Rio Olympics 2016 with current members :

    Graca as president, Vanja Grbić as secretary, Gamova, Larson, Papi, KYK, Chen Xue, Brink, Meppelink, Rego;

    Official duties aren't strictly described, but kind of relation of players with FIVB as crown organization, worldwide network of player,........

  • FIVB announced that after the first round of voting, five members of the FIVB Sports Commission were elected. Based on the vote held from 25 to 31 January, members of the Sports Commission are Jordan Larson (USA) and Samuele Papi (ITA) from volleyball and Madeleine Meppelink (NED), Josh Binstock (CAN) and Anouk Verge Depre (SUI) from beachvolleyball.

    The FIVB Sports Commission will have 10 members, and the remaining 5 members will be nominated by Dr. Ari da Silva Grassa Filho, President of the FIVB. The proposals of the FIVB President will be discussed by the FIVB Administrative Board at the first meeting after the 37th FIVB Congress, which will be held from 5 to 7 February.