Russia NT 2021

  • Goncha returning from being absent since 2016 and Koshe since 2014 IIRC.. I hope they don't overuse the veterans and let the young ones play the most. Looking at the other team's rosters, Russia has a chance of making it to the podium..

    Absent from what?

  • According to Startseva, the task of this team is to get into the top 3! I think that in view of the other teams, it is quite possible to achieve this goal..…ak-bars-intervyu-1788156/

    They certainly have a good chance. They should balance using the veterans for teams who will also play their core members like US, BR etc. the younger ones are in great condition so this is their time to shine.

  • Regarding the lineup, of course I have objections, because players like Ekaterina Enina and Angelina Lazarenko deserve a place (V. Zaitseva has a back injury), but at the end of the tournament we will see if Buzato's choice was correct. Anna Lazareva has also not recovered from her injury.🙂

  • Russia has no slider MB.. Opp will have to work doubly hard this could be a problem for Russia. I hope Goncharova will be used sporadically, and hope Busato will give a chance to the young players.

  • During the 2020/2021 season, Malgina and Zaryazhko attacked several times with a slide attack, so I think that in this case Lazareva can be useful! She likes to pass this type of balls 😀

    Goncharova can be plays periodically. Smirnova (for me personally) plays with one idea more motivation than Natalia! If Anna Lazareva fails to recover, why not Smirnova replace Goncharova in the next tournaments.

  • Anna Lazareva has also not recovered from her injury.🙂

    AFAIK, she couldn't join the team bc she got Covid and had to be quarantined. She'll probably join the team in the middle of the VNL.

  • Надявам се да си прав!

    AFAIK, тя не можа да се присъедини към отбора, преди да получи Ковид и трябваше да бъде поставена под карантина. Тя вероятно ще се присъедини към отбора в средата на VNL.

  • Actually, Anya had injury and muscle pain before she got infected with covid. I talked to her three days ago and she said she will play in vnl. Afaik, Romanova also suffer an injury and unfortunately, Parubets is also not fully recovered but fortunately, there is hope that they will play (including Malova) in vnl.

    As for Lazarenko matter, there is good news, few days ago, the coach staff said that they have talked to Lazarenko and from what I understand they wont ignore her completely and they will invite her to the national team when needed (it could be even this year and/or next year).

  • Voronkova has been selected as the MVP of the Russian league! For me, she and Kosheleva will be the ones who will raise the fighting spirit in the team! Honestly, Lazareva is much more diverse and fast in her passes than Romanova, so it is not a loss (at least in the League)! Except for the blockers, other positions with these players, the team look promising

  • I went back to watch some of Tulitsa’s matches where Malygina played middle to understand why she is selected to the NT and I can’t find any convincing reason(trust me i tried). In fact i just realized how slow she is in closing blocks and always late. She lacks assertiveness and court sense. She is always lost. The only good thing I found is that she serves ok.

    Im just hoping that there is some sort of miracle Busato is trying to pull by choosing her over the likes of Enina.

    I honestly think we need young coaches to lead us next quad. Verbov is my top pick

  • Russia brought in the jump servers. Kotova would have been perfect with this team with her float serve.

    Reception was poor but good thing they were out hitting Germany.

    It was 3-0 but it was a scrappy win by the girls. This should be a confidence booster going in with the more difficult teams.