Russia NT 2021

  • Nope. I think he'll coach the NT in ECh.

    CEV site lists him as head coach, so unless Russian federation does something stupid I also expect him there...

    24 player roster here. Basically it's the OG roster plus the VNL roster plus Kotova, Efimova, Popova, Kadochkina, Parubets and Bibina. Unfortunately no Akimova, but I guess her time in NT will come in the next years. Maybe first it's time for her to prove herself in Russian league.

    Also no Romanova, so she doesn't seem to have recovered from whatever injury has been bothering her.

  • These are the players training for the ECh according to this (

    S: Startseva, Matveeva

    OP: Lazareva, Gorbunova

    OH: Fedorovtseva, Smirnova, Kadochkina, Sazonova

    MB: Enina, Efimova, Malygina, Brovkina

    L: Pilipenko, Zaitseva

  • lets see the current shape of Lazreva.

  • It seems like they are still in Malygina and Brovkina syndrome. Why they are selected is way beyond my understanding.

  • I hope this year's ECH will be the last time Buzato will be at the helm of NT. Russia needs a new coach if they want to be competitive in the next few years leading to Paris 2024 and Buzato is frankly just not the guy :down:

  • Is Malygina daughter of someone important in Russia?

  • Such a bad line up for Russia. No Akimova. Lazareva will be tested here. Hopefully she can deliver. Russia needs another outside hitter who can replace Voronkova in the reception duties. Smirnova, Kadochkina and Sazonova are offensive rather than defensive hitters. No Lazarenko for the middle.

    Seeing Malygina in the line up is just terrible. Brovkina is still young so she can be developed.

  • Interesting lineup for ECH. I like that the younger players will be given a chance to play. I just don't know how the reception would hold up with the OHs they have. Wish they kept Voronkova and Malova at least. Particularly interested how Kadochkina will do. She was supposedly the next big thing from Russia but got suddenly overtaken by Arina real fast (!!!). Hope Kadochkina-Fedorovtseva duo will fare well. For the next years, I see Fedorovtseva-Voronkova as the starting OHs with Kadochkina-Parubets as solid backups. Lazareva gets to be starting OPP this time. This is just my impression but I've always thought that she's the kind of player who starts slow, needs time to get into the groove, and gets psyched out if she's not the starting Opposite. I remember her first game with IBK in Korea. She was horrible and got even replaced by a local player but showed up as a dominant scorer in her next games and the entirety of the season. Hope she shows in NT that killer performance in Korea that I've been waiting to see from her. For MBs, I still don't get the inclusion of Malygina. Russia will achieve nothing with her. Brovkina didn't impress in VNL but she's still young so there's still room for improvement. Lazarenko got snubbed again but hopefully the coach will call her next year. Malova will certainly be missed a lot. Russia's defense won't be the same without her. I believe she'll play at least until Paris 2024.

    Tokyo is a failed olympics (again) for Russia but I think Busato has laid an excellent groundwork for the future. There are still, of course, some questionable decisions from him but I think he still did a good job, overall. I think he deserves at least another year. It's the end of an era and a new cycle begins. Hopefully, a better one for Russia.