Transfer Rumors & Discussion (2021/2022)

  • According to this Cansu and Buket will be the setters for Vakıfbank next season.

    I think it is the right time. Buket deserves this based on what she has shown in last two seasons. And Cansu would be wasted if she would bench to Maja another season. The only question will be, Cansu s shaky performance at crutch times. Then, she needs someone more experienced

  • Polish tt reported that Novara and Smarzek are already agreed with termination of her contract after the season.

    Ebrar is almost official nothing new. Her performance was not like everyone expected.

  • According to GLP, Natalia can land in Scandicci and Fabris may return to Italy to Monza from Russia next season. :o…andicci-e-fabris-a-monza/

    My Queen :dance4:

    I can’t wait for official news for now if We can believe to rumors a lot of great players are coming or staying in Seria A :D

  • Is Fabris better than Van Hecke? Certainly more expensive..

    In her top form, she is, but I don't think she's been as regular past few seasons as she used to be.

    It looks like Monza is going to hire some well-known names (Thompson, Vargas, Mihajlovic, Fabris mentioned in rumors) - to be honest, I've never understood this logic that they were willing to offer huge salaries to Paola multiple times, but if she refuses their offer, they are fine with good team fighting for top4 spot in Italy. If you want to get one of the biggest stars in the volleyball, you have to be really competitive first, and to be really competitive you have to invest more. They have great core of Italian players (Orro, Danesi, Parrocchiale) to build some very interesting team around them, especially if they get a ticket to next year's Champions League.

  • Vargas is rumored to sign with Scandicci. They offer her contract because Fener wanted to sign wtih Egonu but as We all know that is not gone happend I don’t know if they(Fener) changed their mind about Vargas.

    But I think that THY has something to say about Vargas too :whistle:

  • Fedorovtseva can only leave with federation's permission because she is under 21.

    Well she just turned 17 last month, but I don't really see Kazan letting her go that will be stupid decision on Kazan's part. Arina is truly a 'universal' player, I read she was originally an MB, and now she can play both OH/Opp. Such a precious girl definitely the future of Russian women's volleyball :rose:

  • Why alot of news about monza are mostly OH/OPP? If you look at the names, Thompson, mihajlovic, fabris and vargas. They only have 1 common. They are all Opposite (jt/mihajlovic fit on that position). At least 1 or 2 from them is true. Unless they are taking risk on developing JT and Mihajlovic as OH?

  • I also feel there are way too many OPP rumors on Monza. Van Heck's performance is pretty good actually.

  • Now Fersino is rumored to sign with Novara.

    I can’t believe it that Conegliano is not thing furthure. De Gennaro is not going to play forever and Fersino is NT candidat as starter. I see her in near future as one of the best in Seria A.

  • Fersino was De Gennaro's back up not long time ago and being Sansonna's sucessor is kinda good spot to be in, especially in a team as good as Novara. I don't think Imoco will have any issues in finding De Gennaro's replacement when the time comes, financially they're two steps above everyone in Italy, at least right now.

  • Natalia is a great deal. Bia could be a good choice if she focus in playing volleyball. Improving her shape.

  • natalia i would love to see her in Italy

    But being a duo with pietrini is risky...receive is gonna be nowhere

    And bia i don't like her but maybe i could be goos to her to change

    She was a beast in 2017 Brazil she make record of blocks and in NT .she was so good,if she catch that shape...she would be great

    Imo italy could be good cause she could focus and forget her pas relationship

    Even in italy prople is more lgtb friendly


    Bia and Natalia in Scandicci?! :o Amazing pickups if thats true. At least Natalia

    If you guys already loved to bash Kakolewska's slowness you will be in for a treat with Bia.. I would start to follow the Italian thread again only to follow the reactions and the hate she will receive :lol: