Korean NT 2021

  • Of course she need to discuss with the association first about her future. As for now, she need to rest her body and mind. I would love to see her wearing NT uniform again. In 2024 she's 36 same as Fe Garay now.

    Well for CSH, I just don't like him lol

    This team need to rebuild and Lavarini is the best person to do it. Or any foreign coach with european style volleyball. To put it simply, I don't trust local coaches

  • Well I see the "need to discuss it" as finding a way to "work things out", which wouldn't be necessary if she has chosen to fully retire from NT.

    Unless idk, would the KVA be so rude as to not issue her ITC to play overseas if she doesn't want to participate in NT if called up? I doubt so, other players have been allowed to retire from NT when they chose to.

    But my point is just that it doesn't sound definite and I won't be surprised to see her play in NT again someday, she said she'd retire after Rio too previously haha. Not that I'm hoping for her to stay on or to not, she deserves to fully rest from NT if she does wish to.

    Well for CSH, I just don't like him lol

    and... lol

  • I did read the article about how the Korean volleyball federation spoke with Lavarini before leaving for Tokyo about further extending their partnership til 2022 for the Asian games. Lavarini likes aggressiveness which Korea needs. But Korea needs to build the next gen players. We cannot keep relying on Kim Heejin, Kim Suji and Yang Hyo Jin.

  • While I like them a lot as players, its a pity that Dahyun and Jiyoon doesn't have the height for international stages.

    They still have a lot of potential to grow & improve though, and maybe Jiyoon can play as an OH instead of Opp. They are both still really young.

    Let's see the next season if Hoyoung can live up to the hype around her once she has recovered, she has the height, but we have barely seen her play due to her injury

    Based on performance, I think (and would like for) Hyojin can still stay for one more cycle if she wishes to, but she might prefer not to + she's married now.

    Suji should be out. I thought Heejin could too, but if she keeps playing as a MB locally, its hard for her to play as Opp on NT as well. And whether she can return to 2019 condition after her surgery, or will it go downhill from here.

    and well, like or hate them, there's two more players who were supposed to lead the next gen NT. I don't know what their chances on NT are, seems quite unlikely, but lawsuit is still ongoing & KVA did say they will act accordingly to the results.

  • the girls should really rest a lot. those that need rehab (heejin), please do so, can't bear to see her career being cut short. KGC please share your ginseng with the NT girls.

    best coach ever: Lavarini. I don't think any korean coaches could take his place. i bet other offers are coming or have come his way.

    Hmm.. in fact, if KYK doesn't play, i would love to see her come back as a coach. she probably will do better than the domestic ones.

    it's a wrap. See y'all in the league thread - starting with Kovo Cup!

  • They don't really have enough time to rest. They barely have time to meet their families as well. KOVO cup is coming and they are mainly main players who will play the most. As for KYK, hope she has plenty of times with family and friends before heading to Shanghai.

    KYK as a coach? Yes please! Starting with her sports acadeny

    Oh man this OG gives me a bittersweet memories. Nice to know people in this forum

  • Taking your team singlehandedly to OG semis once is already such an achievement but doing this twice shows that she is once in a century kinda player. I already feel emotional knowing that we won't watch her in NT competitions, I will feel really sad when she retires from volleyball for good. I am just hoping that she will come to Turkey to play for her jubilee.

    So much respect to her although she killed olympic dreams of Turkey!

  • KYK was enduring knee pain during the matches, which explains the taping on her right knee. ;(;( Hopefully she gets plenty of rest and everything will go well before the CVL starts.

    Source. Some fans also said that Han Yoomi mentioned it.


    Yay for KYK as future NT coach! I'm gonna start manifesting this from now!


  • Woahh what?? She hide her pain so well😭😭 when we all lot more concern about the bruises on her thigh.. Still she play like a pro as if nothing happen

  • can some explain how seul,daegumthe rest of korea and fivb don't have a kyk statue

    I simply can't understand

  • By words it's already confirmed that she will retire from NT. Just that she need to meet KVA's chairman to make it official.

    well, they better respect her decision.. Sooner or later, they need to face reality that there's no more KYK in the team.

    At least she still play for club:heart: I would be more heartbroken if she retire completely from volleyball's world

  • Wow. This Korean team run is inspired but both Jong-ah and KYK flamed out during the last two games. They were the key in their last winning games. Now that it is somewhat confirmed that KYK is moving forward the national team. I wish this team all the best of luck. I am not the most familiar with the next gen of Korea but if the twins ever get reinstated, there might be a possibility they might do relatively fair. But otherwise, KYK would be a deep position to fill.