CEV Champions League 2021 and 2022

  • It’s not a surprise 😆

    For sure for me who watches Polish league everyday and see what ZAKSA plays. 😉

    Zartorski was phenomenal as well as Toniutti and Semeniuk 👏

    I don’t watch Polish League, maybe that is why it was a surprise for me lol.

    congrats, I will try to watch it later and make sure to watch second match.

  • I don’t watch Polish League, maybe that is why it was a surprise for me lol.

    congrats, I will try to watch it later and make sure to watch second match.

    Sure, I fully understand.

    For Polish media and fans this is premature final. Who will win this battle, will win whole games, but cups are always different story and you can loose against the weakest team.

  • My goodness. The 1st round of 1/4 is full of surprise. No one saw both Perugia and Lube lost.

  • Modena 3:0 Perugia

    This was one of the best games from Micah this season. He outplayed Travica on every level. Genia's amazing dig was also the highlight. Travica's horrible passes, esp at pos 2, were too open to spike. Both Leon and Plotnytskyi were off too. The whole Perugia team played as if they were just back from a long vacation. No one was ready.

  • Zaksa 3:1 Lube

    Toniutti outplayed DeCecco in this game. Toniuttie had solid passes throughout the whole game. Juna was off today. Both Sliwka and Semeniuk played well.

    I was impressed by Sliwka's some smart spikes that cut very sharp angles to escape from Lube's block at pos 4. Semeniuk's serves caused a lot of trouble for Lube. Zaksa's block at pos 4 worked like a charm.

  • Kazan 3:1 Skra

    This was probably the best game from Kazan recently. Butko's pass was solid except set #2.

    BB, NG and Maxim all played great. NG did not attack that much, but his dig and pass helped the team too. Maxim had some great spikes today. BB's attack at pos 4 was unstoppable. Golu's reception did not choke.

  • Congrats to Perugia. They advanced to the semi final in CL 2021.

    Perugia 3:0 Modena, then won the golen set with 15:5.

    Perugia was still nervous in set #1. They had two crucial blocks at the 2nd half of the set #1 to help them take the set. Then they were relieved. Travica, Leon and Plotnytskyi all had serve streaks in the following sets. Modena's reception was impacted hard. Petric and Lavia struggled to pass the ball, then Perugia had enough time to make efficient blocks.

    Modena should not feel upset though. They played great in the first round.

  • When Karlitzek missed an open-net attack in set #4, the look on Stankovic's face said it all.

    Stankovic must say in his mind: "you suck so hard".:saint:

  • After this Perugia win, Kazan-Trentino in the finals is not looking realistic anymore. Hell maybe Lube will be inspired to do the same and eventually we have a Lube x Perugia match for the Gold :whistle:

  • Modena started motivated but lost the rhythm. Perugia was very nervous at the beginning and Modena was leading until they started making errors. They should have taken that first set and it would have been different. Petric was bad. Micha was motivated but his setting was not up to par. It was a boring game overall.

    It should be illegal to put Leon in a team where Travica is the setter.