CEV Champions League 2021 and 2022

  • It seems Juan's serve and spike are ok. Maybe he already recovered.

  • Lube 2:0 JW

    the golden set is coming.

  • Juantorena in decisive moments :wall:

  • My goodness. Both Balaso and Zaytsev had an over-net pass in clutch time.

    Now Lube have to win set #4 to force this game into the golden set.

  • I don’t think Osmany was the one to blame. De Cecco should have send that crucial set to Zaytsev, who has been unstoppable since the 2nd set.

    I agree that ball should've been to Zaytsev. I think both De Cecco and Juantorena made mistakes

  • Popiwczak's reception was solid in clutch time, which made it easy for Toniutti to pass.

    Balaso and Decco were both off at the end of set #3

  • Even Fornal could play so high. What are Lube doing? They are on feet away from elimination

  • JW had a huge momentum. 3 Aces are in a row. Leon is on him today?

  • I stopped watching. Supporting Lube this season is becoming really hard ;(

  • Lube byebye.

    JW plays like a super team in set #4. Everything favors them

  • I stopped watching. Supporting Lube this season is becoming really hard ;(

    That's not a surprise. Juan missed a lot of games due to injury. Zaytsev was on and off from time to time. Garcia is still too young. Yant and Balaso's reception were so unstable. Lube was so strong with Sokolov, Bruno, Juan, and Leal two years ago.

  • That set of De Cecco to Osmany at match point was costly. De Cecco should be very clear Osmany is far from 100% ready, he was playing just because Yant got hurt. How on earth he would set the match point to the one who’s just back from a long break instead of your best scorer? Then the momentum shifted in the 4th set, and we witnessed those crazy substitutions by Blengini once again.

    JW deserves the win, they are playing as a team, Szymura did a nice job replacing Clevenot. And I’m really happy for Hadrava, who proved himself by winning against his former team where he barely got a chance on court.

  • So the semi will be:

    Perugia vs Trentino

    JW vs Zaksa

  • Both Fornal and Harava played great in set #3 and #4, and two MBs also had great attack efficiency. Popiwczak and Toniutti were solid.

    I have never seen JW play that good in set #4.