CEV Champions League 2021

  • Very entertaining game indeed. toniutti’s fast hands did wonders scrambling kazan’s block. Zaska served harder versus previous game and offered a very solid passing. It was smart targeting bednorsz who Collapsed Both I offense and receive and got benched. Michailov as always kept it together. I wish butko relied a little more on him as he generally does. Ngapeth delivered a solid performance. Golubev is a liability In receive as often and zero defense, putting Kazan out of system most of the time. Kazan needs another libero. Kazans blockers do the job in offense but are too slow To contain fast Setters. They got overwhelmed big time. On zaksa’s side, semeniuk super solid offense and quite stable receive , Sliwka Strong spikes, receive and a lot of vice as can be. Smith got two aces and brought more than usual. I was A little less impressed by zatorski versus previous game.

  • First set was solid from Kazan and shitfest from Zaksa.

    Once Zaksa sorted out their passing in the 2nd, they were playing really smoothly for the rest of the match. Volvich and Volkov just could not follow the rhythm anymore. Unfortunately Zaksa doesn't really have a go-to hitter, otherwise could have closed out the game in 4th set already. Just another example that Zaksa needs every player to contribute to win these kinds of matches.

    Also what a display from Semeniuk (MVP for both ties). This should be the kind of player who starts with Kubiak in NT, not Leon. IMO Leon would provide too much pressure in the passing unit and change Poland's system too much.

  • Uff, it was almost impossible to win with Kazan yesterday! I think MVP was Sliwka, he had some issues in one of the sets, but for the most difficult balls he was precious. He is such a smart OH. Semeniuk for me had bit worse day in attack, he was not able to finish the most important balls. Kaczmarek has the best season in his career, he improved a lot. It was very good maych for Smith too, Kochanowski did not have a signle block in this game. Kazan was such powerhouse while serving, so little number of errors, Ngapeth was brilliant and hard to stop and Mikhailov is such a fantastic player. Kazan just missed one more world class OH. Voronkov gave great sub yesterday - very good serving and passing and quite solid attack, but they need someone better than him or Bednorz, who seemed to close his way to Olimpic Games by this season. It was not good season for polish players in Russia.

  • you can be forgiven only if you find shirtless and hot pics of Semeniuk and Sliwka. Neither has it on their instagram which is extremely disappointing.

    Somehow I missed your post ?( I'm sorry for that, but I saw others gave an answer and also that in the best topic of this forum you find some satisfying answer ^^