CEV and Challenge Cup 2021

  • :rolll::rolll::rolll:. Well, Kurkaev and Volvich are the less effective MB among the names I mentioned :rolll:. Btw, I like Kurkaev, he is such a leader :box:

    I like Kurkaev as well but his level dropped to a point Likhosherstov's float serve is ultimately more useful than all his skills combined. lol

    I think a big part of what makes Vlasov great now is Pankov's setting and I'm not sure if Vlasov can do well with other setters. Kurkaev is not having a good season now, but on their best days Kurkaev is better IMO.

    Kurkaev had so many injuries. I wish he could play his best in the playoffs.

    Zenit couldn't really develop as a team with their intended first line up. Firstly Kliuka and Pashitskyi, then Camejo and lastly Poletaev got injured.

    Would they manage to build a solid team? We don't know, but even at the best scenario I still see Kliuka/Camejo passing line as a risky bet. Kliuka and Poletaev haven't shown what they can either even while they were " healthy". Surely though, is, if they want to be a top team, Ursov can't be the defensive option.

    Even if Poletaev were there, I don't believe Zenit would have stood a decent chance against Dinamo or even Maaseik in the semifinal.

    There's just something wrong with the way Zenit Petersburg constructed its team.

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  • Likhsherstov floating serve is great indeed. To me actually, he is a copy of Volvich^^ Good floating serve, supertalls, slow, and good efficiency in attack and blocking high balls ( Volvich dropped his level a bit this season though), but they are never the guy I would set an important point.