Brazil NT 2021

  • SAC individual awards:

    Best setter: Bruno (BRA)

    Best OPP: Liberman Agámez (COL)

    Best OHs: Lucarelli (BRA), Vicente Parraguirre (CHI)

    Best MBs: Agustín Loser (ARG) and Martín Ramos (ARG)

    Best L: Santiago Danani (ARG)

    MVP: Bruno (MVP)

  • can someone translate this or explain what happened to douglas?

    He claims that he arrived in the airport and its was everithing ok until he talked about his boyfriend. The Peopple who controls the borders/arrival acted diffetentelly after this information and made him wait for like all day and tried to convince him that the guy with him was a partner and not a boyfriend. So he and his boyfriend was put behind with a bunch of ppl. After waiting in the airport for like 5 hours he akcnowledge that the peopple with him was all composed by black peopple and Latinos. When a white lady was put near them she just waited for like 15 minutes and fixed her situation. Some random and black guy who was part of this group make some noise about ppl being racist. So nothing change. Douglas waited for all day. And the situacion was solved at 11 pm and he stayed in the airport till the next day.

    In the beggining he was aware of any kind of racist behavior by the border's agent but he realize that after everithing that he felt and saw there.

    He gave the number of his club and had on his hands a document that ensure the union between his boyfriend and him.

    Sorry for the english. I bet someone will make a better translation in near time.

  • Thanks!

  • About the Douglas situation…jnMq6BtxOHPoAsd0LsW5KPBKg

    Amsterdam/The Netherlands showing themselves from the most bad side once again;(;(;(

    That's terrible! It is extra disappointed to see this happening in such a so called 'liberal and progressive' country 🤦

  • I am really surprised (in a bad way) and shocked to what happened to Douglas. It's such a shame!

    But it really surprises me cuz from 7 times I have gone to Europe, 5 have been through Schiphol airport and well, as a non Schengen citizen, of course I know I have to do a different queue (longer, way longer) than the one of my former boyfriend (who is European). He always waited for me next to passport control and when the migration police asked which is the reason of my trip, I have always answerd: tourism, Im visiting my boyfriend's family, he is just behind you (pointing my him). And nothing else has happened. Just a "welcome, enjoy your trip".

    Douglas has even with him a legal contract and so on, it should have even easier than for people who is going for tourism. Really, all this is just so shameful.

  • I am really surprised (in a bad way) and shocked to what happened to Douglas. It's such a shame!

    I'm not suprised to be honest, the fact it happened in Netherlands and Amsterdam is irrelevant as well, basically a single person with any sort of authority that is a racist, homophobe or xenophobe can make difficulties to any representative of minority because has a bad day or for whatever reason. I wish Douglas won't leave as it is.

  • Although this is really shameful, it does not surprise me at all. There are thousands of cases of Brazilians trying to get into Europe and being treated like shi*. Some of them are even deported without any further explanation. Of course I wouldn't expect this because Douglas has a valid contract with an European company and everything, but it really doesn't matter which country. Some countries have been worse than others, but I think these things still happen anywhere.

  • Unfortunately, there's always about 5% who have bad experiences with customs. Some places more than others, but everyone is liable to have a bad employee, even the best of places... What surprise is that he probably had a lot of paperwork to probe everything, so it should have been easier to sort it all out.

    PS - it doesn't happens only with non-europeans.

  • U23 squad for the Pan qualifier or whatever:

    S: Gustavo Orlando (Fiat/Gerdau/Minas), Rafael Forster (Niterói)

    OPPs: Guilherme Sabino (Suzano), Lucas (Fiat/Gerdau/Minas)

    OHs: Adriano (Vôlei Renata), João Franck (Vedacit Guarulhos), Maicon (Sada Cruzeiro), André Ludegards (Funvic/Educacoin/Natal)

    MBs: Kelvi (Fiat/Gerdau/Minas), Pietro (Sada Cruzeiro), Paulo Carraro (Farma Conde/São José)

    L: Vitor Yudi (Funvic/Educacoin/Natal)

    This is gonna be a mess lmao I'm surprised Vôlei Renata and Guarulhos released Adriano and João Franck respectively for this. The others won't count much for their teams anyway, so they might as well go.

    I think SESI refused to release anyone from their team: Birigui, Darlan and perhaps Nathan and Léo could all have been called. I think (and that's only my assumption) that Minas only released the players they could afford to lose for a bit, otherwise names like Juninho (MB), Arthur (OH) and possibly Marcus (OH) should also be here too. Anyway...

  • Players that were refused to be released by their clubs:

    Darlan (OPP), Birigui (OH), Leo (MB) (SESI), Guilherme Rech (MB), Rhendrick (S), Oppenkoski (OPP) (Sada), Juninho (MB) and Arthur (OH) (Minas). So the team would've looked a lot different and better as these would most definitely be upgrades over the ones that are actually going to the competition. If I had to guess, this would be the actual squad without the cuts (bolded the ones who I think would go regardless):

    S: Rhendrick, Gustavo

    OPPs: Darlan, Oppenkoski

    OHs: Birigui, Adriano, Franck, Arthur

    MBs: Juninho, Leo, Rech

    L: Yudi

  • funny fact is Arthur be in the roster besides been a bench player in U21 competition.

  • funny fact is Arthur be in the roster besides been a bench player in U21 competition.

    He finished the U21 WCH as a starter. Paulo Vinícios was horrible throughout the entire tournament (which I guess is why he wasn't called to this one either).

  • If you guys are following the Brazilian Superliga thread, you know what this is about.

    In the morning (or last night, I dunno) Renan dal Zotto said some generical stuff, like, he needed fo figure it out what this Maurício Souza Instagram thing was about, he didn't want to comment cause he's not often uptodate with the social networks.

    This afternoon (after Maurício was dismissed by Minas) Renan figured it out and claimed that the doors of the NT are closed for Maurício, because such homophobic attitudes cannot be tolerated. He also praised Douglas a lot for being outspoken and spontaneous.

    Cool. Great call. I just find it interesting to learn that he just discovered that Maurício Souza was homophobic, right this afternoon. :whistle: Woke, as some say.

  • What did Mauricio say exactly? I see this on IG for the past few days now to the point that his club has terminated(?) him.

  • What did Mauricio say exactly? I see this on IG for the past few days now to the point that his club has terminated(?) him.

    There were 3 posts that represented the main issue. In the 1st post, he put a picture of the new comicbook where Superman's son is portraid as a gay or bissexual. He said something like: "Go ahead with this agenda and in the future you'll see the damage", implying that designing characters like this could induce children into becoming gay. In the 2nd post, he put a picture of a transgender woman with cisgender team mates in a basketball team and said something like: "Nowadays if you call this person a man you'll be acused of being homophobic", or something like that. Then Douglas, in his own social networks, hinted at Maurício's post, noting his prejudice. Then Maurício added a 3rd post saying something like "Currently what's right is wrong and what's wrong is right, but I won't relinquish my values and POV". (Today, after he was fired he put a post of Superman kissing a girl.)

    The sad part is that he's become a hit in the far right. He received lots of compliments from politicians, soccer players, and such and he skyrocketed in follows on his IG. I think he had around 250k on the beginning of the week and now he's got 900k.

  • funny fact is Arthur be in the roster besides been a bench player in U21 competition.

    wait didnt Arthur played some games in U21 full matches?