Brazil NT 2021

  • This is so unprofessional and selfish to put his team & teammates in such position (which 2 of his teammates are even his NT teammates). It’s never easy to play overseas, but homesickness or unhappiness in a new environment is not an excuse to break your contract and escape like that. And in fact he already had much easier life than most others to start his career in overseas, having his boyfriend to be with him, and half of the starting 6 of his team are from Brazil NT.


  • Some weeks ago, Douglas gave an interview to a tv show in Brazil, where he said something like: this city has nothing to do, nothing happens etc (for a moment I thought he would do a Rahimova meme and say that the city smells like cow s**t). It's not what he said, but the way he did, looked strange for me, a little bit cocky.

    The rumours about him going to Big Brother had started right after the OG, which made me think, if he already wasn't planning to do this and that explain his perfomances... But that's just my mind working. What I know is that he is boring as influencer and his moral is quite low right now. I'm so frusted with him.

  • I don't know her case, but just recently Taylor Sander retired from indoor volleyball without any word to his club, then didn't respond for weeks to Skra Bełchatów's questions despite having valid contract, and then he played like nothing has happened in FIVB competition on beach, and he's not even an extreme example, it happens regularly on top level (Juantorena or Simon, so best-best players, from the past), because no one cares about valid contracts. Bartosz Kurek lied to his Japanese club that he has mental problems and depression, and needs a break, just to get rid of his contract in Japan, and then signed a contract in Poland and play in Polish league soon after. Imagine something like that in serious sports. :lol:

    I'll wait for conclusions in Douglas' case until he publicly explains what's going on, but if you leave your club without permission nor explanation (like Vibo Valentia states), with some shit-posting on social media about comeback you're waiting for and announce suprise for his fans <3, then I don't know what the hell does he think.

    NG did the similar thing last season at Kazan. He flied back to French to meet his family during X'mas without permission from Club. Kazan had a bad losing streak (lost 5 out of 6 games) at that time. Although NG had a great performance at Tokyo 2021, I won't be his fan coz he's a horrible person on many levels.

  • Like I said in other thread, as for now it is said that he and his boyfriend had adaptation problems.

    Alan, Abouba and Roque all seriously injured, Douglas playing week/escaping from Italy, Mauricio playing like s...t in Vibo Valentia, Vaccari being useless in France, Adriano not making any step further since last season as for now and in general disappointing at WCH U20/begininning of the season, Rodriguinho and Honorato not making any progress from league-level players as for now, not to mention mediocre results in junior competitions and lack of talent on different positions (esp setters). :gone: It doesn't mean these injured/struggling players can't get back to some decent shape, but you can realistically wonder for how long and how far Brazil can get with such depth and old squad in next cycle. As for now, only Darlan seems to be good/talented enough to get a chance at the next level, and maybe Davy and Aracaju from French league are worth of further consideration.

    you forgot Arthur Bento Buczmiejuk. He's playing good. Also the U19 setter Ramon (long haired guy), Samuel (OH), Carlos (OP),. Also Lukas Bergmann?

  • Hope that FIVB give tô Douglas a heavy punishment.

  • Maybe ban him from joining Paris 2024?

    OOT, does Brazil have a player who is OP/Setter? Kinda like Marlenis Costa from Women's Cuban NT of the 2000s?

  • Maybe ban him from joining Paris 2024?

    OOT, does Brazil have a player who is OP/Setter? Kinda like Marlenis Costa from Women's Cuban NT of the 2000s?

    There is one in Superliga. I forgot his name but he is not NT material