Brazil NT 2021

  • He asked for time off to be an influencer prepare to travel to Italy and join his new team there.


  • I'm really glad for Abouba, Vaccari and Adriano! Now this is a team worth rooting for.

    By the way, I think it's gonna be awkward having Maique back with Thales, after Maique's latest remarks about his colleague and the NT. :gone:

  • I find this decision reasonable but questionable. Alan is also moving out for Russia, going play abroad for the first time, plus he has kids, so...

    But I'm so happy for Adriano, at least I have something to cheer for.

    To be honest, Lucão is one of the last things who bother me in this team, however Bruninho...

  • I just need Renan to let go of João Rafael's dick, he's not NT material. Otherwise this is a cool team. Hopefully Adriano can have some playing time with the weaker teams in order to warm up for the U21 WCH. lol

  • I don't think Maique said anything too bad about Thales. He said they had decided about Thales going to Tokyo since 2018 and that he always knew that. That's it. Is there something else?

  • I know it's probably related to the former decision of Renan from April/May not to include him, but I wonder what's a reason behind not having Honorato, he had better league season than both Joao Rafael and Vaccari, I believe he's more useful as a reception/serve sub than them both, and it's not like they're that much taller to be more promising for NT, lol.

    Nonetheless, I really wish Darlan, Leo and Adriano all improve rapidly the next year, considering Sesi should be more competitive, and Adriano got transferred to Renata (or whatever the name of this team is currently): Abouba, Cledenilson, Vaccari or Joao Rafael is a so-so depth, so 2nd OPP, 4th/5th MB and 4th/5th OH should be positions to grab. I know there's Felipe and some other candidates, but it doesn't change that much, they are all league-level players.

    It's really hard to support this team coached by Renan, and I knew that since he played Mauricio over Douglas in 2017. I thought his conservative choices and awful display for majority of a time (VNL 2019 f.e.) have at least some positive results in target-competitions (WCH 18, WC 19), but it's not a case anymore, when Brazil was out of shape in Tokyo and clearly in a worse state than in VNL.

    Bruno, Cachopa


    Lucao, Isac, Flavio

    Lucarelli, Leal, Douglas


    I wish this group would be supported by some really young players in order to get them some playing time in VNL-type competitions, especially considering all '02 guys mentioned above already trained with NT and were really solid on Superliga level, and it's not like Mauricio, Felipe or Thales bring anything to the table. I'm not saying they all should get important roles within a team, but I have no idea what would be a point of playing Thales or Mauricio three years ahead of another OG.

    But naaah, I don't think it will happen, I can imagine that nothing will change that much tbh besides retired players (only Wallace as for now IIRC).

  • What bothers me is Thales. I know he'll probably even go to the WCH next year as a starter, but why even call him for a tournament like this, especially given how Tokyo just finished? It clearly sends a message that nothing will change and that he'll continue to be favored over Maique, which honestly sucks.

    I do wish Darlan and Léo got called too, but hopefully they can get called next year again if can keep performing well in Superliga (and manage a good result in the next U21 WCH). I also don't understand why Honorato got discarded so quickly in favor of Vaccari and João Rafael, but oh well... I would even take Rodriguinho instead of JR and I'm not even a fan of his.

    Also it should be noted that Matheus Bispo (MB) is slightly injured, which is why Cledenilson is going. I like Cledenilson by the way, but the guy is a bench player for Sada for the 3rd consecutive year now -- he can't even put Otávio of all people out of court, which is disheartening.

  • spill the tea please

    I don't think Maique said anything too bad about Thales. He said they had decided about Thales going to Tokyo since 2018 and that he always knew that. That's it. Is there something else?

    It's pretty much what Sidney said. But I don't know, I think it's awkward, nonetheless. Besides, he said those things during a livestream interview with Bruno Voloch. Take into consideration that during VNL, Voloch spent I don't know how many posts saying that the staff was boycotting Maique, and so and so. I mean, if what Maique said about them telling him Thales was already the chosen one since I don't know when, I think it's pretty bizarre. And now they reunite again, the liberos, the staff, as if nothing had happened. I don't know... I can just imagine how Renan is managing all of this...

  • What's your problem with Thales? he's the best digger and receiver in Tokyo.

  • The U19 team is off to the WCH. They'll stop at Bulgaria first and play some friendlies there. This generation seems to be huge in stature, just like the current female U18 team -- even the libero is 193cm lol

    Arthur (17yo OH, 208cm) is the most promising of the bunch as of now I think. There's Maicon (16yo OH) who's better known for his height too, 215cm. I hope they can manage some good results this year and in 2023 in the next U21 tournament.

    Also, fun fact: Julia Bergmann is in this team (n. 13 in the pic above).

  • I am curious about who's gonna be Alan's sub after Wallace retired from NT

  • I am curious about who's gonna be Alan's sub after Wallace retired from NT

    Maybe Felipe Roque or Abouba at first. Abouba is better IMO. There is also Darlan but he is short.