• this Iran team taking 2 sets from Serbia is already a huge surprise. :box: most of these guys won't even make the Olympic team. Sharifi is playing his first match here.

  • which players are likely to make it to Olympics?

    Marouf, Vadi, Ghafour (if healthy), Kazemi, M. Salehi, Ebadipour, Mousavi, Mojarrad

    I'm not sure about the 3rd MB, it's between Gholami and Abedini, I don't think Shafiei has a chance , he was also the "weak link" today

    not sure about the libero, Alekno is using both A. Salehi and Hazratpour but it seems Salehi will be the guy.

    and also hard to guess the next 2 OHs. it depends on Fayazi's health. Manavinejad and Mirzajanpour are also training in Tehran hoping for another chance. but I think Fayazi and Esfandiar have a better chance.

  • Bultor cant block and now can no longer score. France shoud look for another MB, he's not good enough. Faure is impressing me.

  • No block when he was in front with Tonuitti 🤣😂

    K.Tillie messed.up, Rossard messed.up. Boyer not really a 5 setter player. When him and Patry joined the NT, i actually asked some French fans if he's better than Patry, coz i wanted back then for Patry to be Opp1.

    This game is a mirror to that Serbia game. C.Tillie not going with his better players.


  • More problems for Argentina: Danani, Lazo and Lima are suspended for 2 games for breaching the bubble regulations. Apparently they didn't get the ending time of their quarantine right (they arrived late due to having covid) and made a training inside the hotel a little earlier than they were supposed to. They are not playing today and won't play tomorrow.

  • why can't Krick fix his serve 🤣😂

  • Vaccarali is that short?

  • Can they replace Lyneel with an MB prospect? Guiye ❌ and Bultor ❌

  • Vaccari* is 1.91m. Pretty short, yeah.

    is he an OH? I guess a serving sub

  • No Leon nor Bednorz today for Poland.

    As expected.

    Hope today NED doesnt collapse as they did in the third set against Brazil. It is so frustrating to watch them: some rallies they play so well organised, but then they kill themselves with U19 mistakes.