Turkey-MCSL Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi 2021/2022

  • Why Boskovic doesn’t leave Ecz ????

    She is waisting her time, Fener would be way better team for her or any other team.

  • Kudos to Buket! She played real mature today^^ If she has to set over a long distance, especially to position 4, she can be a bit shaky. On the other hand her connection with the middles is great to watch!

    Yes big credit to her! She really showed a lot of improvements in these two matches against GS & Ecz. She still had shaky moments and still not good to set high balls to the pins, but overall she managed to keep the rhythm really well and had good connections with the middles & even with Haak!

  • I dont think that we can again start this “you should change your coach” battle. In this match wasnt Ferhat the problem, they didnt score, many unforced errors and so on. Simply they lost.

    I dont really understand why a lots of people here talk about Eczaci like they are so so bad and everything, in this part of the season Vakif, Fener and them are in the same spot right now. They make mistakes, a lot of them, but they also take risks. Vakif is the best team in this season (like always) no doubt, but Eczaci is still not so far from the 2nd place for example.

    And about Boskovic leaving, I dont think she would have stayed here if she didnt enjoy playing in Eczasi, maybe personal reasons or something.. Its not about winning and scoring all the time.

    For Ferhat choices, I could only say that they were much more closer to Vakif in the last set, with all these “so bad changes”. The only thing I dont understand is his relationship with Hande.

  • Eczacıbaşı needs to change so many things, again. They should start with Ferhat.

    The thing is once again I'm now convinced there are just issues with Eczacıbaşı straight from the root of the entire club. There are times when we blame Hande (and she genuinely does do bad) other times it's the setters, the middles and even Boskovic was called not good enough many times. I think it's time to question why the last couple seasons at least everyone plays so mediocre when coming to this club in general? Even the coaches... Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Eczacıbaşı but some things are clearly not being managed well, when they keep flopping and even flopping to get to the top 3 in the league let alone winning it as their budget suggests there are more than a few issues imo

  • This match showed that when the youngsters are given trust, they can deliver good game. The 3rd set were between two young setters and they managed to keep up with each other. Ecza fast counter attack is deadly if done right. These clubs should give these two youngsters more playing time. They can be really good.

  • Ecza needs a local setter. To compete with Vakifbank and now FB, you need three complete pins... Hande isn't it.. Saliha is fine as a backup.

    Go get Buse or Naz. Use your other foreigner spots on good OHs someone like Vasileva, Daalderop, Herbots, Kelsey.... maybe even SWP or Begic.

    Maja and Adams need to be let go... or have Maja/Heyrman be CL only.

  • IMHO, Real difference was reception and floor defence. We saw zero extra defence by eczacı ohs and simge. İ don't think Boskovic received more than 5 good sets. Maja's passes were always too low too close to the net. I don't think eczacı can fix itself within a year. They need a better up and coming setter, better offensive OH as hande will never be the power OH they want her to be. A better performance by simge and an overall better floor defence drills. I was quite surprised how buket kept her cool, probably it has much to do with the confidence the rest of the team provides. Boskovic probably feels stuck. She doesn't have an option with a comparable pay and enough ambition to beat the best which was a richer imoco lol.

  • Ecza has been a hit or miss these past few seasons. You don’t know which Ecza gonna show up.

    The best always shows up against fener as the best Galatasaray shows up against them almost always.

  • This vakıf will probably beat fener handsomely, leaving us only kuzeyboru as a team to beat them. :lol:

  • I dont know but I'd like to see Kadochkina(maybe too early but Arina did it), Parubets or an American

    They should get Kim Hill out of retirement lol

    I wanted an American for this year but they went for the wrong one.

    I don’t think highly of Adams, most because I haven’t seen her that much but I don’t think she has ben implemented to this team as 4th foreigner. Hande and Saliha as OH were never going to happen and I don’t know how one can expect this to work