Turkey-MCSL Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi 2021/2022

  • Arina’s serve is a real game changer. And she is so consistent at the age of 18.

    Already one of the best in the world, reminds me of Carillo who was best jump server at the age of 17 in wch

  • Every time Popovic enters the court, Fenerbahce gives away a run of points:gone:

  • How did they lost that first set? 😱

    From 24-20🤦 one of the rallies were great, like 5 very good digs👏👏

  • Wow. That was a good set. I hope we’ll get to see a 5th.

    I genuinely thought Mina was a good transfer at the start of the season and I was excited to see her, yet she is just bad. I am so disappointed in her.

    Serbia is lucky that Stevanovic is coming back otherwise they would have a big downgrade from rasic

  • like in wch fener had the lead and don't know how to close it

    Vargas so good but as usual in clutch she dissapear

    Idk what mins popovic is doing there,imo if they had a better mb they could be really top

  • Gizem is trying to cover Vargas but she just creates more confusion

  • How did Gabi do? i am just following the score board right now

    Very good at defense and reception