Turkey-MCSL Misli.com Sultanlar Ligi 2021/2022

  • What a set from Ayca lol

  • That didn't look like it touched the floor

    i wonder why they don't allow challenges for floor touch. I hope that point will not be the decisive difference.

  • Not having Gizem in the NT should be a crime

  • I can't not root for FB in this environment lmao sorry. EPICCCC.

    Altho I was all for VB perfect season initially

  • VB was so close to win all this season.

    Gabi isnt doing a good match either.

  • As much as Michelle is bad IMO putting Tugba in is like saying "we've given up". Michelle needs to step up. Also, if Chiaka comes in she should sub Gunes not Kubra...

  • They need to try Tugba and Ogbogu

    and IMO Zehra is playing worse than Kubra.

  • why not try Aylin at least.

  • Cansu defense has been all in this third set

  • that speedometer is definitely faulty. no way meliha's serve was 95km/h

  • fener's serve pressure is losing steam. wonder if vakif can capitalize on this

  • Haak looks exhausted, Vargas having the time of her life, Gizem telling everyone she's the best turkish libero (not that anyone had a doubt)