Brazil - Women's Superliga 2021/2022

  • so she did well? I'm terrified Bauru is gonna ruin her lmao

    The reception line was a little bit shaky (more than usual) and she didn't fit that well there yet, she got in the way of Thaisinha and Nyeme a few times.. but on the offensive side she was on point, probably the only one that finished with positive stats for SESI

  • Tomorrow we'll have South American Championship Final, Praia vs Minas (shocking, I know)

  • Minas Will miss Gataz+Macris connection a Lot.

  • Minas 3x2 Praia... Finally Praia showed up, and I could congratulate them for the good game they had if their fans weren't so disrespectful... So, fuck it... Minas put them in the place they belong

    And I quite emotional seeing Macris and Leia for the last time ;(

  • Dream Team

    S: Macris

    Opp: Kisy

    MB: Carol and Adenizia

    OH: Pri Daroit and Anne Buijs

    L: Leia

    MVP: Kisy

  • Quoting Thaisa "this is not a screaming championship" :dance6:

  • watched the finals of the SP Cup last night and it's funny how no matter the season, some things never really change: Paula Mohr benching early on by being awful, Mayany being a ghost attack-wise, Ivna doing good until she hits takes a block and hits another into the farthest pidgeons nest possible at the most important time of the game...

    I liked Naiane and Edinara though!

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    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

    Bronze - Volleyball Nations League 2019 (W) Prediction Game

  • Naiane played a really smart game last night, I was super impressed... Mara finally playing a game was a plus too lol