Poland NT 2021

  • Gierżot had an injury after U-20 WCH, and then it turned out that his club (Cuprum Lubin) has suprisingly a decent OH duo with Ferens and Waliński, so he hasn't gotten as for now too much of playing time, and when he did, he was meh. Pretty disappointing season in general, but he still has amazing physical profile to be great offensive OH.

  • He's doing it, first and foremost, to play as a Pole in a league, volleyball rules are crazy, it's pity that Tunisia will lose its best player. He would've been an option for NT, but the only advantage he has over Kaczmarek, Butryn, Muzaj or Bołądź is that he's 2-3 years younger, so it's not that significant to be honest.