Italy - Serie A1 2021/22

  • the audacity lol

    jk. Giorgia Civita. She played for Busto in their youth teams and then moved to the NCAA

    I think she is *finally* going to be the starting libero at Wisconsin. She would be a big get for any Italian team though. Reads the game so well and obiv doesn’t cost a foreigner slot

  • Hello, can a turkish user/speaker provide a translation/sum up of this interview? With the YouTube automatic translation I just managed to understand the overall meaning

    Thanks in advance :win:

  • Just looked at the schedule - are all games pretty happening at the same time?

    Like usually Sat 5pm and Wed 18.30pm?

    That sucks

    But that is nothing new. Only match that is different from other is the one who is broadcasting at Rai Sport. But even this matches can happend in the same time.

  • Friendly tournament - "Mimmo Fusco" Trophy


    CASALMAGGIORE - MONZA 3-0 (25-18, 25-20, 27-25)

    Braga 15, Zhidkova 14, Shcherban 13, Bechis 4, Zambelli 3, Guidi 2.

    Van Hecke 10, Lazovic 9, Davyskiba 9, Danesi 6, Stysiak 5, Candi 5, Gennari 4.

    BUSTO ARSIZIO - BRESCIA 3-1 (25-21, 25-14, 25-27, 25-13)

    Ungureanu 21, Mingardi 15, Stevanovic 10, L.Bosetti 8, Olivotto 8, Herrera Blanco 3.

    Bianchini 14, Tanase 11, Cvetnic 10, Fondriest 10, Ciarrocchi 6, Bartesaghi 3.

  • Woow Pomi really beat Monza :what:

    Oh God this season is gone be great :heart::heart::heart:

  • casalmaggiore need to fought hard to not be relegated

    I don't expect nothing from that team

  • casalmaggiore need to fought hard to not be relegated

    I don't expect nothing from that team

    They have weak MB (especially Guidi), but I was impressed today by the team's performance in defense. Especially Shcherban and Ellen Braga (she is much better than I expected) played really well.

  • Hello, can a turkish user/speaker provide a translation/sum up of this interview? With the YouTube automatic translation I just managed to understand the overall meaning

    Thanks in advance :win:

    She said they won nice medals but she does believe a gold medal is what's missing in her career. Making the table doesn't satisfy anymore. The gold is lacking, we feel that the gold is needed and hopefully we will eventually manage to make our goal is what she said.

    She talked about her life in Balıkesir growing up. Growing up in Balıkesir was great for her, everyone was so close since it's a small and cute town with maybe not as many facilities, but she had a great bond with everyone in her team. It might not have been the place with the best resources but she does believe it added a lot to her to have grown in the 'streets'. Her one fear would have been to have been gone unnoticed in this small town with really little chance to make it within, which is something that happens to many kids as she knows and often not even just because they're just unnoticed but just don't have the resources or support to even get noticed. Growing up she had the best supportive and loving parents in every single way that would do anything for her like bring her to the trainings and give her the best possible environment possible in their ability to help her grow and they would fully support her no matter what. This helped build her confidence.

    She talked about her ''Ebrar Karakurt Academy''. She said that seeing the excitement, nerves in their eyes really brings a smile to her face. It brings her back to her childhood years. It made her realize the things she have achieved thus far and that she also is playing and fighting for the people rooting for her and that she represents. She is not satisfied with the condition of her academy though, currently she has 5 schools in Istanbul but her goal is to bring this academy to poor regions in Turkey so no one gets left ''unnoticed'' because of something so simple as the location they're born in, that's something that can break her heart. And it's why she started it in the first place. She really wants to grow it to make that possible. Also she will try to make it a chance to work/build their CV for less fortunate young (female) volleyball players in for example making it in another branch within volleyball like coaching/statistics etc. and thus grow both the Turkish volleyball world, women's oppurtunities and help the lesser fortunate. She really puts a lot of value in empowering other women, one of the ways to do that is making the possibility to build female leaders in every branch. Ebrar seems to be a clear femminist.

    When she was 10 she already said she wants to play in Italy somewhere later, it never changed but only grew more the following years since then and finally she is here. When she was a few years younger it was something as simple as even idolizing the pink court that she loved :lol: but arriving here just in 6 days she said she knows she will learn so much, arriving and immersing in a new culture and learning the Italian 'way' after learning the Turkish one is something that will give her hopefully double the sports but also life experience, she believes nothing can beat that mental experience. She talked about the great history and present and structure of Novara and that she believes it's why she thinks it's a great team for her future. Also talked about how her teammates struggled with saying Ebrar so they call her Kara which has a cute meaning in Italian, she hopes to make lots of friends because she loves hanging out in groups and misses her friends in Turkey already. She loves sightseeing and hiking and thinks Italy is one of the most beautiful countries for that so she is also very happy and excited about that.

  • Where can I see these games?

    Raisport. Today at 5 pm the 3rd place match between Monza and Brescia. Following this match, the final between Casalmaggiore and Busto.

  • Thank you so much Beri!

    Btw I love the nickname part:heart: in italian "Cara" (it's written with C but pronounced as K) means "Dear"

  • Now I'm curious tho, how is Ebrar supposed to be pronounced? :/…r%20Karakurt&op=translate

    It's probably just a bit odd to pronounce to some :lol: officially the 2nd R is actually quite different than the first R in pronunciation but I'm not a linguist to explain it well :D you kinda roll it I guess or it's a bit closer to the L

  • Mimmo Fusco trophy


    BUSTO ARSIZIO - CASALMAGGIORE 3-0 (25-21, 25-18, 25-20)

    Mingardi 18, Ungureanu 14, Stevanovic 10, Olivotto 8, L.Bosetti 3, Battista 3, Poulter 2.

    Malual 6, Braga 5, Guidi 5, Shcherban 4, Mangani 4, Zambelli 3, Zhidkova 3, White 3, Bechis 3.

    MVP: Mingardi

  • Hi Toguttt, is there a stat of this somewhere?

  • Hi Toguttt, is there a stat of this somewhere?

    There's no stats sheet available on internet as far as I know.

    Mimmo Fusco trophy is not really an official tournament.. I mean the winner gets a physical trophy, a cup and awards to players are given, but it's mainly made to remember Mimmo Fusco, died in 2005, as the first Rai Tv journalist to comment and report about female volleyball in Italy.

    He was the one who shouted on tv "TOGUTTT SIAMO CAMPIONI DEL MONDO!" (=Toguttt we are the world champions!) on that 15th September 2002, when Elisa Togut scored the last point in that World championships final and female volleyball started to become a popular sport in Italy.

    I'll never forget him.

    Min 24:28