Italy - Serie A1 2021/22

  • still a liability in receiving and defense? 😂

    Yup, She is great in attack but her reception and defence needs a lot of work. Maybe Novara is to strong for her reception for debut performance, but hey you are playing in the best team in the World.

    On another hand Megan is playing great and She keeps playing better and better how match goes in all parts of the game…

  • Megan is now MVP of the match, She is doing everything in 4th set :sos::sos::sos:

    Bravaa Courtney show us what can you do !!!

  • FOLIEEEEEE:super::super::super:

    She didn’t got single set from Wolosz one and half set and She is 100% in attack:down::down:

  • I love how Santarelli is using 10 players in every set. Even if you are on bench you have your role…

    Team play.



    Bravaa everyone played really good. I’m really happy with Megan, She played great match after slow start !!!
    Folie comeback after injury and She was amazing in both blocking and attacking.

    MVP ones again Paola Egonu even though I would give it to Monica De Gennaro.

    AND I ALMOST FORGOT 65 wins in the ROW !! (If I got it right:what::lol:)

  • Italian league quality never disappoints :rose:

    Novara still looks a bit rusty. I do really hope they will improve in the following matches and challenge Conegliamo much more than in the previous season. They do really have the human resource for not only being a threat, but also defeating the current champions.



    She was key player in 4th set !!!!

  • Novara's biggest problem is that they don't have a good setter. I wonder why a more reliable setter is not preferred as a backup of hancock.

  • did egonu was suppercoppa mvp?

    I remember camera,enright and folie were the last?