Italy - Serie A1 2021/22

  • Now Conegliano is playing way better…

    If they lost this match it is all on Santarelli and his idiotic moves.

  • I would have used Herbots instead of Bosetti, not Daalderop.

    Typical Lavarini:pinch:

  • Novara was so close, but players couldn't keep the high level of the first two sets:( Also why was Washington on court, she literally did nothing?

    Anyways congrats Conegliano, good comeback! MVP should be Folie for me, good match by her:)

  • Rapha Folie ones again with 15points. Proving ones again what She can do :super:

  • Novara has two amateur things:

    1- Hancock in general does not belong to this level, she simply can't give a proper set in transition and her choices are annoying

    2- Daalderop's defenses were like a joke, not sure why Lavarini waited so long to try Herbotts when she could fire the team up.

    I am sorry for Ebrar and Cate, they really tried to their best in the end but their teammates did not seem to bother at all.

    Well done Conegliano, sometimes it is just enough that a team wants to win more than their opponents.

  • Novara is asymptotically approaching victory against Conegliano, she is getting closer and she will never win. Honestly no one to blame, maybe it is just limit of this team (they are great anyway).

    Congrats to Conegliano, Folie was amazing, the rest was good enough for win. Good match!

  • This comment is a joke:lol:

    I agree that Daalderop has limited defensive skills for a outside hitter, but today she didn't do a bad job in that departement and it's definitely not one of the biggest reasons they lost today!

    Also Daalderop is so much stronger at the net compared to Herbots. Did you see how much trouble Egonu had with killing the ball in the first two sets hitting against the block of Daalderop? After the first two sets Conegliano made a change in rotation and Egonu eventually became topscorer...

  • Daalderop is good player and she deserve her spot for sure, but in tie moments they need Herbots on court, Daalderop is so neutral in every way. She has her role in this team, and does it well, but I think Herbots can be much more useful with a good combination of Bosetti / Daalderop / Herbots. Ofc Daalderop-Herbots should be finally, at least tried. Today that wasn't an rational option because Bosetti was amazing.