Italy - Serie A1 2021/22

  • actually another translate says "unless she was asked to"

    hm.... give me the tea lol

    This translation is correct.

    Her agent says that it was the club(Firenze) that asked her to leave, while the club says it was the player(Sorokaite) who wanted to leave.


    Anyway, it seems kinda confirmed that she is going to Scandicci, which actually needed an Italian OH after Merlo's injury because Orthmann as back up could replace only Natalia but not Pietrini (3 Italians must be on court).

    Nevertheless I still think the solution of the problem could have been Lubian on court instead of Bia.... I'm so sorry for Lubian, such a young talent wasted on the bench. I trully hope she will escape ASAP from that nightmare of club/coach.

  • I mean tbf Bia is playing really well and is one of the best MB this season, she's the second best blocker of the league and among the best spikers at around 56%, it would be crazy to bench her. Lubian should compete with Alberti for a spot, but given her lack of block presence I understand why she's getting benched

  • I just started watching casalmaggiore vs roma and it was start of 3rd set points 5-4 and stigrot went to serve and I saw she had 21 points so far,wow,if she continue this way she can close the match with 40 or plus

  • Meanwhile Perugia-Busto is being played and Diouf is nowhere to be seen.

    Their coach just said that she is not there and that he can't add more.

  • Meanwhile, Stevanovic is on fire after hearing good news of Terzic departure. :lol:8o

  • Why didnt rahimova play with Casalmaggiore today? Did she play at all since her transfeR?

  • Why didnt rahimova play with Casalmaggiore today? Did she play at all since her transfeR?

    A few days ago I read that she is doing special training now due to muscular problems she has been having for a while now. As far as I remember she played very little since she arrived and in the last weeks not at all...

  • Why isn't Antropova a a regular starter?:what: She is scoring everything!

  • Bergamo has played some really inspired volleyball since the additions of May and Butigan.. it's too bad they haven't found that next level to really push their opponents (Scandicci last week, Monza this week).

    I think a better setter could really help them. Di Iulio was really all over the place. I know passing isnt the best, but there's too many times sets are too tight or low and May/Lanier can't do anything with them.

    Bergamo's blocking is poor (I would bet they have the least blocks/set in the league) but their defense has been really good. May is a great backcourt defender alongside Faraone.

  • I am so surprised of savino consistency this year,they are battling for 1st place,what we expected from them always and imo this is kinda this lowest level team of past seasons cause both mb are so average but castillo give the extra specisl to this team

    Also I love antropova,so sad all that happened with their sports nationality,I hope she can solve it and see with Italian NT jersey

    So sad also the procedure in Italy is so hard unlike other countries that practically give it for free as they never win anything and try desesperately to bring talents from outside