Italy - Serie A1 2021/22

  • Congratulations to Imoco! They were the better team at the end of the day.

    Italy has so many amazing players at every position but seeing Malınov and Orro are their 2 best setters is just a joke!🤦 They should really consider to naturalize a setter, with these duo, this team will never unleash their true potential!

    Naturalization shouldn't work like that.. They should fix their problem in Club Italia or wherever other teams known to produce new Italian players

  • I’m a big fan of Orro, but I have to say that this is the messiest season I’ve seen from her. Her connection with the middle blockers used to be so good. Danesi, Heyrman, Washington (just to name a few) were nearly unstoppable with her. Maybe she just needs some more experience to learn how to play under pressure. I still believe she is a very talented setter and a complete one. Her service and defensive skills are great IMO.

  • Monza did an interview with Larson.

    Great interview! Especially like the part she revealed her gum routine:lol: In this interview you can really tell how much love she has in volleyball and she’s 110% devoted to her job.

    It’s also worth mentioning how Jordan described the molten vs mikasa balls affect the game when talking about the different leagues she played. She said “the Italian league from top to bottom is better than most leagues.” “I also think the ball changes a lot of thing,” “this ball is very different and if you’re playing with mikasa vs molten, it’s a different game. I think if you were to play with the same ball equal parts I’m not sure how that would work.”