Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2021/22

  • Fun Fact: since 2018 Krystal Rivers is undefeated in championship finals when being on court, 2018 she won with Béziers Angels French championship, 2019 with Stuttgart German championship, 2020 the championship was cancelled and 2021 she was missing in the last two matches of the finals, which were lost than, but now 2022 with her on court it was the second national win of it in three years for Stuttgart.

  • Kinda off-topic, but this is for a player who played in the German league for Erfurt.…_link&utm_source=customer

    Hello, Friends and Family of Sara Kovac,

    My name is Tea Vlatkovic, and I am fundraising for my dear friend Sara Kovac who recently suffered a significant pontine hemorrhage brain bleed.

    On April 26th, Sara went to the hospital because of a bad headache, nausea and numbness in her neck and face. After numerous tests and scans, they discovered a brain bleed and then she was transferred to Hamilton.

    On May 9th, Sara had surgery to relieve the pressure and fluid in her brain. She was placed on a ventilator, and then they performed a tracheotomy.

    She has a very long road to recovery ahead of her as she will need extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation. She is currently stable but in critical care.

    For those of you that have had the pleasure of knowing Sara, you know she’s the toughest, strongest, bravest woman we know. She is the most caring daughter, the kindest friend, and the most supportive older sister. She is loved for her kind-hearted personality and willingness to help anyone in need. She is a very active and determined person, and her strength and drive will get her through this difficult time. She graduated from Forestview Elementary School, Eden High School, and Loyola Marymount University. She played volleyball at LMU and then played professionally in Slovenia and Germany. As she was always someone who kept busy until her brain bled, she was coaching a team for Niagara Rapids Volleyball Club while getting her master's at McMaster.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could help Sara and her family during this difficult time. Sara's parents, Pedja and Mika, have taken time off work to travel to and from Hamilton to care for her full time. This will cause a significant financial strain on their household. Your donation will alleviate some of the burden and stress they are experiencing as a family. The money will be put towards Sara’s medical expenses, time off work, travel and gas money and any additional costs that may arise from this unfortunate situation.

    Please continue to keep Sara in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

  • Thanks for posting this here. It's nice to see that the sum has already been reached after one day. Nevertheless, I also wrote an email to Schwarz-Weiß Erfurt to inform them about the fate of Sara Kovac, if they might not have been informed about it already.

    It is hoped that Sara will be able to fully recover from this stroke of fate. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed.