Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2021/22

  • I think, Potsdam was more tired physically and mentally as Stuttgart in this last match and we could push our team in the SCHARRena very well - it needed some time after leaving the hall for my ears to calm down. Only deserved Potsdam silver MVP Emonts was fighting all the time until the end, a true leader of her team.

    For next season it may be difficult for Dresden and Schwerin, which were both far away from the finals this time, to get back into the finals, because playing CL both Stuttgart and Potsdam will be rather interesting for players to attend them.

    At the end of the season this was the expected outcome for me, already so after a number of league round matches in the beginning: Stuttgart first, Potsdam second. Don't forget, that Potsdam had some hard times in the season, losing players like Agbortabi, suffering both injuries and Corona outages, but in the beginning and end of the season Potsdam displayed a clear vice champion performance, clearly ahead of Dresden and Schwerin, despite experienced Dresden could exploit Potsdams trouble to be a little better in the ranking after league round.

  • By the way, not sure, if all could see / recognise it: after the match we Stuttgart spectators were all celebrating Potsdam too for its fine season, they fully deserved it without any doubt.

  • Fun Fact: since 2018 Krystal Rivers is undefeated in championship finals when being on court, 2018 she won with Béziers Angels French championship, 2019 with Stuttgart German championship, 2020 the championship was cancelled and 2021 she was missing in the last two matches of the finals, which were lost than, but now 2022 with her on court it was the second national win of it in three years for Stuttgart.