Turkey- Efeler Ligi 2021/22

  • Fenerbahçe it is.

    he can definitely be starter in FB. Metin Toy has been in a miserable shape for like 3 years in a row

  • can someone explain? What's the real score?

  • From my understanding, Ziraatbank don't want the money, don't want to let go Trevor bcz it's August already and they can't find any good replacement at this point. Probably FIVB will be involved and they will solve this situation.

  • It's hard to understand what he is saying. They are talking over each other and quality isn't great+accents :gone:

    They basically said that Clevenot signed two contracts, one with Ziraat, and few months later with Jastrzebski...

  • He's on loan, right?

  • No, he wants to break his contract with Ziraatbank and sign another club. But Ziraatbank don't want that. Is it possible that he might get some kind of punishment?

    how about getting all the details first rather than reacting harshly?

  • I guess this case might go to FIVB.

    According to Santilli, Clevenot is under two contracts and he didn't make any attempt to resolve the contract with ZIraat.

    The worst sanction that he can get from FIVB is ban for any international transfers.

    Edit: I know there was similar case with Yuliya Bessonnaya who signed with Dabrowa Gornicza in Poland and later during the summer with team in Russia. Dabrowa officially informed FIVB about this case and now Bessonnaya (since 2017) has ban for international transfers.

  • Very unproffessional! He is hot and everything but this leaves a bad taste:down:

  • If anything the funny thing is Jastrzebski having that extra harsh press release after Urnaut left and then doing the exact same thing :rolll:

    Yes, totally :D I just thought the same.

    They complain about Urnaut and his decision, but they made an agreement with his new team. On the other hand, they try to 'steal' player from other team.