Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • Just a heads up on a couple kids who debuted/splashed pretty well as we start the back 9.

    Amika Saeki (NoSmiler)
    OH 177cm
    DOB 2003-09-12
    12/25/0 errors, 3 Blocks
    Nanami Asano (Airybee)
    MB 183cm
    DOB 2002-12-13
    13/27/1 error, 8 Blocks

    Asano actually signed with Denso at the end of last year. She played a bit in Summer League but this weekend was her first start in the Big Pants. SAGA's Asuka Hamamatsu has 8 blocks on the season. Asano with 8 blocks in 6 sets leaves Foluke eating dust :)

    Saeki played the HS Championship last weekend and is still in school. She was a one man wrecking ball with her HS team and looks tough and comfortable in the Big Pants

  • Since I've been tracking it, 3-5 years or so, Toray Arrows has never employed a player who went to University

  • Kadie Rolfzen did ;)

    Imports don't count, especially ones from USA who have to go to college

  • Ugh ;(

    The least they could do is stagger the matches that are going to be played so we don't have to try and watch four matches at the same time :S

  • Toyota first win :super:

    Somebody's gotta give it up. NoSmilers are the nicest team in the league. It would be a nice gesture :rose:

  • My latest hard crush, Natsumi Watabiki got one of those batting helmet haircuts :(

  • Omg this SAGA and PFU match is a whole FEAST

    I don't know what that means but it sounds positive, so ... :thumbup:

    Saki Goya sighting :thumbup:

  • Hitachi 25–23 Toray set 1

    Hitachi keeps getting closer and closer to not losing matches ... to good teams. That's progress


    I growing very fond of Wakaba Sugihara in a Toyota uniform. Nao Muranaga rejoined the team to play libero. Ouch if you are one of their other so-called liberos :rolll:


    Meanwhile PFU is getting their complete fail set out of the way in set 2

  • I don't know who this is performing at the SAGA/PFU half time but they act like they are famous

  • Damn Hitachi :box::box::box: 2–0 Toray


    And Toyota Toyota'd. Squandered a lead. If Okayama would just ease up a bit on the defense Toyota would have a better chance of scoring points

  • Hitachi almost crawled back from a big deficit, but 2–1

    This new HS kid on the NoSmilers , Amika Saeki , has an awesome serve :rose: