Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • :dance4:They are having East and West Uni Teams again this summer :dance4:

    And new club Veertien Mie :!: But they don't have a V.League page yet

  • Yuka Kanasugi (Kurobe) and Hibiki Suzuki (Saitama) announced they got married (not to each other)

    Active players getting married and active players transfer hoping ... It's a new world

  • So far, 80 departures from V.League: inclusive of V1, V2 and head coaches. I'm surprised by the number of HCs stepping down and saying "yeah, I failed to win"

    Last year's tally was 106. I think we'll blow past that, but maybe not. V2 seems mostly done and V1 has only Hitachi, Toray and Toyota to go. And Kurobe beyond their head coach

  • Kobata and Akutagawa are retiring

    Shibata, Jahs and Fukagaya are transferring


    Hickman retiring too at 22.

    Kobata having played with the national team and Olympics, probably got more out of herself in the last five years, plus being captain. If friends were leaving (Annie), would she want to go through it again rebuilding, after winning two titles.

    The last two years of Covid for some players could have said, you know what, I got to do a ton of things because of this sport, but I want to be closer to my family and friends, that I have not a chance to spend time with because of travel all over the globe and domestically.

    JT basically in my mind sixth place will be their goal in the upcoming season.

  • A couple V1 退団 or 任意引退 have come out as Transfer Hopers:

    Saki Goya OP (PFU)

    Sakura Kanda MB (JT)

  • Okayama signed Thai OH Thanacha Sooksod

    I have to say I know that the Seagulls are not the richest club in the league so even getting a big name foreigner (let alone an ASEAN player) has usually a no go. However this I think is a good move, as the team is getting a proven player, didn’t spend a ton, plus has actually worked with JETRO’s (Japan External Trade Organization) office in Okayama to have sponsors of the team in both countries work together to help bring this player to the team. Okayama also hosted the Thai national team in their Olympic qualifying practice in 2019-2020.

  • Hopefully Tugba isn't actually signing with them tf

    ha! I was just going to post my Tugba Dream is probably not happening now :wavy:

  • Yesterday after the match, Tugba said she will go Asia next season.

  • There are a number of "free agents" out there. Maybe they all sign with Kurobe and they become the new PFU

    The ones who have officially announced as transfer hopers (more may reveal themselves later) :

    Miharu Yoshioka OH

    Megumi Sato OP

    Aoi An Furukawa OP/OH

    Sakura Kanda MB

    Mika Shibata S

    Saki Goya OP

    A couple from V2

    Kumina Shimahara S (good, but has been seen practicing with new team Tokyo Cerisier)

    Ranna Shiraiwa OH (it girl)

    They could pick a few from there. Add Tugba?

    Kurobe would still need middle blockers. Michishita and Hosonuma were actually pretty promising good. that's the big loss

    And libero. Tateishi was great. Also big loss

    Welcome to the wild new world :drink:

    ps - I feel bad for Kaori Mabashi. She was on the road to shining star. I'd wager that along with whatever else is going on her ACL was the finishing touch :(

  • Asked a friend to read the Japanese to see if there's any implicit messages, but he said in general Kobata and Shibata's posts just thanked fans and the team, so yeah most probably they're looking where to go... Is there a possibility they might go overseas?

    the french rumor site posted Shibata -> Nancy

  • the french rumor site posted Shibata -> Nancy

    That makes more sense than moving to Kurobe :)

  • 2022.05.20

    "Thank you for your continued patronage of Victorina Himeji.

    We have confirmed on SNS etc. that some fans are acting as our officials, players, and staff.

    We recognize that such an act is a great annoyance.

    Currently, we are consulting with the Himeji police station and lawyers, and we will deal with it based on the terms of use of the fan club.

    In addition, prohibited acts and acts that cause problems may be subject to separate disposition.

    Please note that we are not responsible for any damage or loss that occurs."

    Seems so Himeji