Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

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  • damn that's ugly. it looks like a logo for a fuel company

    Shit. I was hoping I was wrong. I think it's a huge design failure. It's not usable anywhere. I've done variations on it for the places I use it, like the first post in this thread and the NEC roster post, my little site.

    I noticed that everywhere they USE it, they use white letters/logo on red. It's like the people who had to deploy it went WTF?

    So ... this is NEC's re-branding, modern V.League world entrance? Where the fuck is Kawasaki? If Kawasaki was four letters I would re-brand them KAWASAKI and shout it in ALL CAPS, but that takes too much work.

    I'm pissed and broken ;(

  • Airi Tahara transferred to PFU.

    She's pretty

    PFU needs middle blockers now. They could pull off something this year. If Melissa Valdes is ready for the big pants, 4T, Mikoto Shima, Takaso out-jumping the league, Kanoha Kagamihara keeping the train on track. I like it!

  • I read on PR Times that the person who designed it was from NEC's rugby team, Green Rockets. It looks like a leftover Atari logo from the 70s. I guess they were trying to go the minimal route and ended up with that linear pattern crap

  • I'm coming around on this new NGC logo, except for the NGC part. It's just an emblem. And it is a Rocket Ship. Living with it for a while it attaches very well. Becomes iconic.

    I think the trend may be away from goofy animal mascots as logos. Of the three newest V.League teams, Ligare Sendai, Himeji, and Brilliant Aries, only Brilliant Aries has a goofy animal, and/but they are a blatantly corporate team. Himeji and Sendai are at least trying to be New Vision. So is NEC. It bums me out they didn't go full on Kawasaki Red Rockets but they are doing everything else right. Way right.

    I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt on this logo for a while. That what lovers do <3

  • Summer V.League 2021 University Selections:

    West (special V.League site)

    East (special V.League site)

    1 Saki Nakajima OH 中島咲愛 NIFS 4

    2 Aika Hayashida MB 林田愛佳 Fukuoka 4

    3 Miumi Yoshida MB 吉田美海 Tezukayama 4

    4 Kaho Wakaizumi OP 若泉佳穂 Chukyo 4

    5 Ayuku Fukuda MB 福田歩子 Aichi Gakuin 4

    6 Nozomi Hattori OH 服部希美 Aichi Gakuin 4

    7 Anna Hamasaki OH 濵﨑安奈 Shiseikan 4

    8 Mina Higashi S 東美奈 NIFS 4

    9 Kaede Miyake S 三宅楓 Ashiya 4

    10 Kaede Noge L 野毛かえで Tenri 4

    11 Sayaka Daikuzono L 大工園彩夏 NIFS 4

    12 Mana Yokoyama MB 横山真奈 NIFS 3

    13 Nozomi Yokota OH 横田希歩 ?

    14 Ayana Kanemoto OH 金元彩奈 Kobe Gakuin 3

    1 Kurumi Takama OH 高間来瞳 Tsukuba 4

    2 Sayaka Yokota MB 横田紗椰香 Tokai 4

    3 Rino Furuichi OH 古市梨乃 Juntendo 4

    4 Miku Yachi MB 谷内美紅 Tsukuba 4

    5 Hiroyo Yamanaka MB 山中宏予 Aoyama 4

    6 Hitomi Shiode S 塩出仁美 NSSU 4

    7 Aya Mano MB 間野安里彩 Tohoku Fukushi 3

    8 Haruna Yamashita OH 山下晴奈 Tokai 3

    9 Kiiro Omura OP 大村季色 NSSU 3

    10 Tsukasa Nakagawa S 中川つかさ Tokai 3

    11 Haruna Kawabata L 川畑遥奈 Tokai 3

    12 Yoshino Sato OH 佐藤淑乃 Tsukuba 2

    13 Ameze Miyabe OH 宮部愛芽世 Tokai 2

    14 Yuki Yoshinaga OH 吉永有希 TWCPE 2

    15 Mao Ito MB 伊藤麻緒 Tokai 3

    16 Haruka Oyama MB 大山遼 Tsukuba 2

    17 Shuri Kurata S 倉田朱里 Tsukuba 3

    18 Suzuna Kawasaki OP 川崎鈴奈 Kokushikan 2

    I don't know what kind of honor this is. Maybe like All Star Uni-Squads? I know most of the players on the East Team because I've been following the Kanto University Tournaments, which is all the big schools around Tokyo. All good players. Two of my favorite setters. They play NGC opening match of the tournament :)

  • When is Summer League starting?

    This upcoming weekend. "League" is kind of a misnomer, though. Each of the tournaments, East and West, are just three days long: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

    East is June 25–27, West is July 2–4. Two courts, and teams play two matches a day the first two days. So it's jam-packed!

    All of the matches are supposed to be live on V.League TV and on-demand shortly after live. I highly doubt anything will be streamed in the wild. The coverage isn't that great (or hasn't been). It's typical of V2 coverage with a stationary panning mid-court camera and a zoomer. You can get a decent look at who's who and how they are doing.

    As a reminder, two years ago this is where Momii (and Ranna Shiraiwa :) ) burst onto the scene out of nowhere.

  • I have wondered, what does NEC do? Do they build rockets?

    They're an IT company

    I used to visit a second hand record(?) store several years ago that had a way old school cash register with a big "NEC" on it. So I thought they made cash registers, and other appliances like that

  • Cash registers. Just like I thought :S

  • you're not going crazy


    I have an NEC ... uh ... cap visor thing. A baseball cap without the top part. Not sure what you call those things. I think golfers wear them. I've never worn it out in public because I don't want people to think I'm into cash registers :) ... or golf :rolll:

  • why is Aki not highlighted in blue?


    [Edit] nvm, I fixed it. Thanks!

  • Some VTV pre-showdown thing:

    I just took a quick look at it. It was buffering really bad. Google Browser has a feature that tries to live caption it in English but with the buffering it was not worth trying to follow.

    Saori is a rather stiff and formal Interviewer who bows her head 2-3 times every sentence. Really cute smile, though :love:

  • Once Saori gets going she's wonderful. Very animated. She's my everything :rose:

    It's a tough job interviewing a couple teenage jock girls remotely. Valdes is personable, if a little scattered. Typical 18 y/old. Murooka on the other hand is one of those low personality no social skills types. Can barely talk.

    I turned it off, don't want to be exposed to that. Breaks the spell. Like learning Haruka Miyashita is a crybaby. That could have been fatal, but someone shared photos of her NoSmiler teammates laughing at her crying and all was right with the world again :S