Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • Aya Watanabe has disappeared from the "transfer hopers" list, but the "transfers completed" list is not available

    Ligare Sendai finally has a logo on the V.League site but they did it wrong* and it's not operational yet

    Aya Watanabe -> Ligare Sendai , I hope. Will be very helpful to them. Their Captain and MB Nao Ohnuki just had surgery on her left knee


  • These kinds of things can be horrific when they aren't something the girls do on their own but are part of a company's PR or whatever. This wasn't too painful, based on their smiles

    Murooka - Saiga - Sakai - Nonaka - Nakamura - Kamisawa

    Dancing tells me a lot about people, how well they can unconsciously, and fluidly, execute choreography, like volleyball. Anri Nakamura (in red) is the best dancer of this group

  • Not at Saga bringing in another ancient player past her prime

    I don't know about that, Riho did well in V Cup and the little bit of regular season she played. This is the first she's played in years, though

    but it bothers me if they leave two U20 World Champions working on their SAGA bench warming technique

  • Mandai looks quite a bit better than she did in the summer. And damn I love Shirasawa :rose:

  • Okayama's # 24 is strong af

    Are you the one who gave us reason to nickname her Angry Fu? :rolll:

  • I'm mesmerized by the Uni team's libero Sayaka Daikuzono. Never seen a libero make so many overhead jump sets

  • Wait is this the Chinese girl? Her pout was a meme but she's not giving any of that right now.

    Is she on the same boat as Valdes?

    Yes, that's her. She's an MB though, so different cup of tea. She won't be a scoring maching like Valdes, but she's tall

  • I meant will she be staying in Japan to play or will she eventually go back to China?

    I think she'll stay in Japan. She dropped out of Uni to join Okayama. I don't know what her naturalization plans are ... haru_12 ?

  • SAGA 2–1 Nosmilers

    Uni 2–1 Denso Sayaka Daikuzono for MVP. Damn. I'd compare her to Kotoe but ya'll would take that the wrong way :rolll:

  • West Uni played back to back matches, both Tie Breakers (3 sets), but couldn't hang on to beat Himeji

    Both Denso and Himeji played pretty much full strength, with what they got.

    I'm friends with the West Uni team now :rose:They're a bag o fun