Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • Anybody following the Hisamitsu-Denso match could shed light on what's happening to Denso?

    That match is Jittery and blurry for me. Can't watch it

  • Toyota is all smiles atm

  • It's bizarre. The Hitachi-Himeji stream is in full HD but some other streams are literally potato-quality.

    One thing I have noticed for a couple years is streams that come from that Hitachi Arena, Ikenokawa Sakura, are impeccable (except for the commentator dude), and Hitachi's other Home Arena, Adastria Mito is also exquisite. For one thing, they both have that FIVB floor

    btw - strangely, sometimes if I load a stream in a different browser it gets better. Firefox ones seems to work the best

  • Himeji wobbles their way to another set victory 2–1 over Hitachi. Probably another Tie Break in store. Hitachi loves them

  • 4T has got a burner serve

  • KRob seems to have an uncanny sense of where to stand, unless PFU are just hitting them right at her on purpose :/

  • Fuyumi just hit one of those free sky balls and it came down on her side of the net. That means Hitachi automatically loses :(

  • Not enough people are aware of how fabulous Natsumi Watabiki is :heart:

  • KRob and Valdes having a back attack duel

  • Hitachi Himeji Tie Break of course :)

  • Scoring points really makes Toyota happy :dance4:

  • 4T has to weave her way around people to go hit the ball :rolll: It's beautiful

  • Murakami??? That's a face I haven't seen in awhile

    Yes! Hitting from OP while Watabiki in the middle. That was cool !