Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • Even the announcer is loving this :)

    battle of the little southpaws :thumbup:

  • Kaneda digging those Plak Attacks :box:

  • I'm coming back after the match :rolll: Plaktorina is scary

    She started scary but NoSmilers are scooping her up all over now

    This kind of defensive game is fun, I don't care if it means everyone hits 20%

  • This is a new Himeji. Seems like they are high passing first touch. Good distribution by the setter: 22, 24, 29 to the pins hitting mid 30%. Meanwhile Miyaji is 10/17 in the "middle"

  • I hope Manabe notices how Kaneda plays volleyball

  • I think the Japanese announcer just said "Plak Attack" :lol:

  • Okayama deploying the "WTF is this lineup?" tactic 8)

  • OK 31–29 Himeji set 4

    Tie Break :!: Super fun match

  • Did we jinx Ageo too much? 😶

    are they not doing well? i thought for sure that they'd win against a foluke-less saga, that's why i stopped streaming it after i saw one of lorenne's spike in the first set.

  • Did we jinx Ageo too much? 😶

    Saitama has usually been a late season bloomer, but I thought they got over that. I'm surprised

  • Great Rally ends in brain fart :rolll: