Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • Lutz may be injured from trying to search in Japanese. That means Kurobe with 4 players out, and hence their results are pretty bad. No mention of the injury, but just trying to see why she is not playing.

    Kelsey with tons of swings for Toyota today. Now Toyota 2 wins away from even 10th.

    Saga Put out press release on Foluke feeling sick, no mention of Covid, so maybe food poisoning or a cold, but still sweeping today.

    NEC with the sweep of Hitachi.

  • whats with Toray and JT sharing siblings? Ogawa siblings and now Nishikawa siblings. Are they near in location?

    Forgot about that , the Ogawa's too . Nishikawas went to HS in Osaka, Ogawas in Okayama ... if that's what you asked about location

  • i mean JT and Toray's location

    toray is based in otsu, shiga, and jt is based in osaka, hyogo.

    hyogo and shiga seem rather close, and the japanese usually just use bullet trains to travel from prefecture to prefecture.

    Prefectures of Japan - Wikipedia

  • i mean JT and Torays location

    They are both in that middle chunk of Japan by Kyoto. I think that's where the cool people in Japan are

  • 2021.11.06 Results

    Home [-] Away
    Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Stats Highlights

    Denso 3–0 Toyota






    Kurobe 0–3 PFU






    Himeji 3–2 Okayama








    Saitama 0–3 SAGA






    NEC 3–0 Hitachi






    Toray 0–3 JT






    Toyota's joyful spirit was absent, couldn't wait to turn that one off

    Kurobe's in trouble. Poor things . Gunma's gunning for you

    Himeji / Okayama outdid the PFU / Toyota match for match of the year so far because it was way better defensive volleyball. And the match had a great announcer who road the rollercoaster. And Risa Shinnabe. Does she smoke pot?

    Hitachi looks worse than Toyota :(

    JT has no weak link. Yuki Nishikawa is ready for her close up. Toray looks more out of sorts than just un-Kurogo

  • My girl, ballet dancin' Kasumi Nojima is making her move :rose: 9/16, 5 blocks ...

  • Just for kicks I thought I'd tally up what kind of floors we got going this year so far. I think I've tallied them correctly :/:

    SAGA wins with having the FIVB floor in both arenas so far

    • Saga Sunrise Park Gymnasium Tosu City
    • Green Arena Kobe Kobe City, Hyogo

    Hitachi has the FIVB floor at

    • Ikenokawa Sakura Arena Hitachi City, Ibaraki

    Saitama has a Fake FIVB floor at ( it's a fake home and it's blue and two salmon colors instead of green and one salmon)

    • Panasonic Arena Hirakata City, Osaka

    Most arenas have the glossy wood parquet deal:

    • CNA Arena Akita Akita City, Akita
    • Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka City, Osaka
    • Kurobe General Sports Center Kurobe City, Toyama
    • Toyama Western Sports Center Tonami City, Toyama
    • Todoroki Arena Kawasaki City, Kanagawa
    • Ipponmatsu Sun Arena Wajima City, Ishikawa
    • Komatsu General Gymnasium Komatsu City, Ishikawa
    • Higashiyama Gymnasium Ichinoseki City, Iwate
    • Ukaruchan Arena Otsu City, Shiga
    • YMIT Arena Kusatsu City, Shiga
    • Wing Arena Kariya Kariya City, Aichi

    These losers have what looks like a plastic roll out in a color I can only describe as a pale shade of baby poop:

    • Nishio City Gymnasium Nishio City, Aichi
    • Horaiya Koriyama Gymnasium Koriyama City, Fukushima
    • Wink Gymnasium Himeji City, Hyogo
    • Kasaoka Gymnasium Kasaoka City, Okayama
    • Zip Arena Kita Ward Okayama, Okayama

    Disappointed in Himeji and the NoSmilers on that front. If you are going to go temporary, at least be colorful. And Himeji has the color profile of the cameras set so badly it looks like two different arenas. This is an actual split screen replay:

  • Catching up on the Kurobe 0–3 PFU match. Kurobe had Team Receive @60% but Kill @22% ... ouch

    Pimpichaya didn't dress :/ Kurobe should consider Miku Shimada at OH. She seems like the smartest player on the team, and she back attacks as MB so what have they got to lose? Seems like a waste for her not to get floor time

    So nice to see and have Yuri Nabeya back in form. She didn't have a great game but she still looks cool and is a lot of fun

    I'm shocked at how much Melissa Valdes has improved her passing. I no longer feel the need to put my hand on the panic button when the ball goes in her direction

    Stat people credited one of Watabiki's blocks to Valdes. Natsumi would still be ahead of Foluke if not for that error

    Still disappointed Kagamihara isn't playing :( ... and only a few swings from Sanae Watanabe

    Kurobe is pretty decimated and PFU only really clobbered them in the last set. Don't know what to make of that

  • Yoshino Nishikawa has the opportunity of a lifetime tonight. I hope she gets the start and bangs the drum. Yoshino's still a teenager but Noro is not cutting it. Noro's kind of a tough guy but she's so round, or something. Toray's got no depth.

    #gogoYoshino :super:

  • Yoshino Nishikawa has the opportunity of a lifetime tonight. I hope she gets the start and bangs the drum. Yoshino's still a teenager but Noro is not cutting it. Noro's kind of a tough guy but she's so round, or something. Toray's got no depth.

    #gogoYoshino :super:

    Girl got 2 surnames in her name

    Noro is just that girl no one talks about other than when referring to her as Mayu's bestie. Every team needs a filler ig

  • I think this may be the first time I'm noticing Panasonic Arena or I just don't remember it well but it is so big and the blue looks really good. It's probably the only venue where Saga's white jerseys stand out

    oh wow, I had the Saitama/SAGA match in the books as at Shimadzu Arena Kyoto. Thanks for bringing it up. Fixed it. Saitama's fake home FIVB floor is there. I agree the Blue looks cool.

    I watch a lot of Japanese films and they don't use color much either

  • Okay Toyota, let's go. Don't bring me pain :cursing:

  • Messy Hair getting the start over Cherry Blossom :box:

  • Hyodo :lol: ... oops

  • I expect Toyota to at least play well in between blunders, but it ain't happening :(

  • Toyota even has trouble handing out timeout towels properly :rolll: