Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • No Foluke :/

    Even at a fake Home game in Sendai SAGA has the FIVB floor going on. I wonder if they spring for it

  • Damn, another Squort Squirt night for Himeji

  • I'm always a bit surprised at how thin Riho Otake is. Her head suggests her body would be larger

  • I love how Kobata just levitates off the floor after a dive :thumbup:

  • Good strategy by Himeji :thumbup: Never take the first set from JT

  • That was impressive Set 2.

    JT got a little wobbly and panicked. Himeji stepped on their necks like they were familiar with the procedure. I'm impressed with the Himeji kids who aren't afraid to swing with at least a little authority at OOS balls.

    let's go girls. It's a steep incline but you can do it :super:

  • Cherry Blossom Girl back in the starting lineup for Toyota :)

  • I get "We are making distribution adjustments" when I try to watch PFU :cursing:

  • Himeji is applying pretty good pressure with their serves. Pretty cool. It's a long shot but I love the fact that Himeji looks like they think they can win this

  • I got the PFU match back just in time for them to take the lead :box:

  • PFU

    Let's make this an historic evening :box: