Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • SAGA is the most undefined team in the league as far as having a core starting lineup

  • i am over japan

    thats why i wont pay for it LOL

    I certainly wouldn't pay for it

    ... wait :wacko:

  • I think JT has the edge in head-to-head meetings with NEC the past couple years, but NEC has been the team closest to having JT's number

  • This NoSmiler Hitachi match is the bomb . Zany volleyball

  • The goal for Toyota in Round 1 was to win a set, and they were successful. Their goal for Round 2 is to win a point. I wish them the same great success :super:

    [Edit] :aww: Was that a 7 point lead they blew :?:

  • Wait, am I watching last night's PFU Himeji match? :rolll:

  • Mayu Oikawa with a kill block from the back row :cheesy:

    There is nothing like a NoSmiler / Hitachi match :rose:

  • Nabeya with a Nabeya move to end that set :rose:

    I'm going to go with: This is less about Himeji not being as good as dreamed about, and more about PFU improving. Yeah, that's it :teach:

  • cold-hearted queen Hatara

    Are you referencing the "I'll fool you once, I'll fool you twice" dumps?

  • cold-hearted queen Hatara

    There was someone around here a while back who called Tahara Hatara on purpose. Was that you? :rolll:

  • Come on, kids. Let's have another full set

    I think Airi is doing pretty well. She's got three pretty good garbage collectors in Valdes, Nabeya, and 4T to ease the burden

  • Watabiki's only got 2 blocks (seems like more) but she's scoring more in attacks than usual 5/10

  • Tie Break :box:

    Between the PFU/Himeji and Okayama/Hitachi matches I feel like I got my $$ worth this month