Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • ugh

  • Himeji and SAGA gets the big screen because of the floor. NEC and PFU get the small screen because of the floor. Kurobe and Toyota goes in the garbage pale

  • Oh wait. SAGA caveman public announcer moves them back to the small screen

  • Watabiki has been upping her offensive game lately :rose:

  • oh PFU is playing playing now :cheesy:

    4T with the digging and passing. Is there anything she can't do?

    Memo to PFU, tho: Don't serve to Yamada. She will eat it and spit it back in your face

  • Why do teams act like it's some great victory when the other team makes a service error :rolll:

  • 4T demonstrates to Watanabe how to take care of garbage :) (and Watanabe is a very good garbage collector herself)

    [Edit] there ya go Sanae :rose:

  • PFU came back from being down by 5 points :super:

    Comebacks are better than straight wins :super:

    This certainly washes the Toyota bad taste away, and along with Himeji 2–0 SAGA supports my theory that Himeji losing to PFU was more about PFU getting better than Himeji not being as good as I think they are :P

  • Nothing against Hammy but it's nice to see Shion playing. Himeji/SAGA is middle blocker heaven. I also love Himeji's middle blockers. Not for blocking, but the other stuff

  • Damn :)

  • Come on Himeji, support my theory :box: