Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • Toyota took the first set. Maybe third time's a charm. But Okayama has deployed their new high school Power Hitter

  • Toyota takes the first TWO sets :cheesy: Pretty sure that's a first

    Toyota is playing one of their setters and a retired OH as liberos, and Okawa and Shigihara at the pins instead of Cherry Blossom Girl and Captain Mioko

    It's not immediately clear that any one of these replacements is any better than who they're in for, but some how, in some way, Toyota looks like they are playing a system

    Pretty cool

    If Toyota can contain Mayu Oikawa and this freaking tank from high school, (58% and 53% respectively) they might pull off a victory. Remember where you are and what you're doing tonight. This might right up there with "Where were you when Elvis died"?

  • I'm getting nervous for Toyota watching this :lol: I really want them to get their win already.

    I'm not too nervous. I got the feels :)

    Just wish my stream was a little more reliable. It keeps diving down to 360 and punting, but it keeps coming back so far

  • Toyota is running away with this

  • Toyota :drink:

  • Team pic with everyone pointing to the girl with jersey #1 :rolll:

  • 2022.01.23 Results

    Home [-] Away
    Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Stats Highlights

    Denso – JT


    SAGA – PFU


    Saitama – NEC


    Toyota 3–1 Okayama







    Hitachi 0–3 Toray






    Himeji – Kurobe


    For the History books :drink:

  • Denso matches for next weekend for next weekend 29-30 at Okayama are postponed.

    League is going to have to push the season back as the number of teams fighting for 3rd are all affected and many of those matches are against each other.

  • Only teams without a postponement right now are Hitachi, Toray and Toyota.

    NEC and Denso with 4

    Springs with 3

    JT, Okayama, Saitama with 2

    PFU and Himeji with 1.

    Realistically 3-7 could make the playoffs right now, but so many of these are against each other.

    JT is all but locked in to the final 3 with a magic number (combined JT wins and losses of 4th place) at 14. Plus two less matches played right now over Toray, JT is basically in the finals as their magic number for the finals is 16.

    Toray's loss on Saturday has brought them back to the chasing pack a bit. Plus with the number of matches postponed, teams may catch team if they lose. Still have the points advantage compared to other teams.

  • This is as updated on the movement chart as I can because of the number of matches from NEC to PFU will potentially affect the standings. Denso is technically in fourth but a Springs win would push them ahead on points. A Saitama win would also push them in front of Denso as well on points. Toray could be possibly overtaken by NEC with 4 straight wins (15-14 NEC), so the 17th match is where Toray is stopped.

  • Denso-NEC matches for Feb 4-5 have gone remote.

    as of now, this weekend 4 games are scheduled each day.

    with so many games being delayed, league has to look at extending season. Too many teams are affected. Let alone at this rate, too many teams are caught in the playoff chase.

    schedule may also need to shift to the following. With the number of games remaining, if a team has 3 left against an opponent, play against them Friday to Sunday to prevent multiple teams (split match weekends) from testing positive. Also having forfeits if one team is positive and the other isn’t. Not saying it is fair but without doing that season will push later.

  • JVL should just cut this season short imo. It's no use having 2 teams continuing while the rest cancel and certainly some teams would rather cancel than hold remote matches. Also I saw this discussion about how there are a lot of conservative volleyball players and staff who refuse to get vaccinated so if say they get infected by the variant it's not going to be as easy for them to recover. Surely by now Manabe's crew already have an idea which players did well.

  • Saga just postponed this weekend’s JT matches due to continued positives. Toyota & Hitachi right now are the only teams without postponements.

    you cannot cut the season short for one reason, money. These teams are awarded prize money for where they finish. Everybody got into the season knowing the rules. 33 matches , against all 11 teams. League has not even with the 2/3rds mark by any team right now. Only way this changes is forfeits to keep on schedule, but it looks bad to do that. So, just have to delay matches, play them in the middle of the week. Right now only two things are certain in the standings, JT probably get the bye into final and Toyota plays in the challenge promotion-relegation match.

    I would love to say go to all remote, but we’ve seen that the league can’t even broadcast through its own service properly.

    I get that they wanted to have the finals in bigger venues, but right now, having teams play in their own arenas in the finals makes sense for simplicity. Trying to plan something two months in advance is just crazy right now.