Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • It's Hikari Kato night :drink: She won the game for SAGA last night so they gave her a starting spot tonight over Yuki Ishii :)

    [EDIT] she's started 1/8 with a service error :white:

  • Keeping with the spirit of credit where credit is due ... I don't like Arisa Inoue at all but damn she's got a good swing. Front and back court. She does that high RBI thing like Kaneda (h/t haru_12 )

    Hikari is now 4/16. That's better than 2/16 :thumbup:

  • is it just me, or does the seagulls-springs match seem a lot more intense than yesterday’s? :box::dance6:

  • I’m expecting for a JT win for tomorrow since they will always seek vengeance whenever they lose a match! :whistle:

    as for himeji and toyota, i hope toyota will continue their streak:box:

    and okayama should bounce back tomorrow! they can do better:drink:

    so far, my speculations did me right! JT winning in straight sets (expected from them already), toyota winning two consecutive games, continuing their winning streak this year!! Okayama just need to bounce back cause they lost the game yesterday! This would be 2/3 for me (but let’s see what okayama can bring to the table this match):lol:

  • I want Yuri out

    Hey! That's my line :rolll:

  • is it just me, or does the seagulls-springs match seem a lot more intense than yesterday’s? :box::dance6:

    I dunno. I thought yesterday's match was competitive enough except for the dark cloud of imminent failure squeezing the life out of it :)

    uhm, so ... yes. I agree with you :drink:

  • These mini NoSmiler cheerleaders worry me. They almost dropped one, or missed catching her, or something :white:

  • hehe i don't even know if he will ever call back Haruka or already seen her as a failure:rolll:

    let's see

    Manabe is the best chance of installing Haruka and Matsui at quarterback we have since he thinks the definition of a good setter is a good defensive player

  • What's with this SAGA scrappy defense? Mana Toe must be contagious

  • Little punk high school kid Saeki keeps getting dug but she's hitting it like a mofo :rose: She's the future

  • Please no deja vu nonsense here. come on Okayama just win the damn set

  • thank you :drink:

  • I'm screaming lmao wth was that machine gun spikes

    No one has ever told her to be careful, I guess. She's a loose cannon

  • OMG Campfire :!: