Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • I wonder if Kurobe's libero, Yuka Tateishi, would get a little more love if she was on any other team than Kurobe. She's quite good :rose:

    Meanwhile, Cherry Blossom Girl has returned to the big screen for Toyota. A bit of a downgrade from kRob :) I think she might be a curse. Toyota never won a match she started in (IIRC). NoSmilers opened a can of whoop-ass on them

  • Okayama 2–0 Toyota [25–12, 25–11] :white:

  • Tsukuba Middle Blocker Back Court Attack alert :dance6:

    3rd year MB #6 Haruka Oyama is a player. Quiet and tough. Good physique. Good serve

    Tsukuba is doing weird rotations The libero rotates in and out with both OHs, and Haruka Oyama stays on in back court, on the receiving line occasionally. They used to do this when legendary Haruka Maruo (now a Bluebell) was there

  • NEC 2–1 Tsukuba [25–18, 16–25, 25–16] was odd with Tsukuba trampling NEC in set 2

    The girl playing for The Real Yoshino Sato, Asuka Nozu, has a lot of punch. Tsukuba has punchy hitters, good blockers--one who back attacks!, a really good libero, and an attractive setter. Tsukuba is my everything :rose:

  • Manami Mandai starting for SAGA. She is so jittery

    Fun lineup:

    Mandai / Shirasawa

    Otake / Yoshitake

    Imamura / Fukazawa


  • Mandai's toss is terrible oof doesn't match at all

    She looks out of place

  • Who's saga's libero I can't make out the name the pink is fading

    Minami Nishimura .. from Okayama

  • Mandai keeps setting it behind the right side hitter

    Yoshitake at MB. I wonder how that came about :/

  • Yoshitake is an exciting one. This is the first time I've seen her

    Big girl, hitting mostly like an OP now

    Ya know, Imamura has one of those bodies that seem built to last. She probably doesn't have to do much upkeep on it