Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

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  • 2022.04.30 Day 1 Black Eagle Flag (group match)

    Home [-] Away
    Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Total

    Hitachi 1–2 Himeji





    Denso 1–2 Tokai





    Okayama 2–0 Toyota




    PFU 2–0 Kurobe




    NEC 2–1 Tsukuba





    Saitama 2–0 Shujitsu




    Toray 2–0 Kinrankai




    SAGA 2–0 NSSU




    No stat sheets probably

  • Enjoyed a lot of those matches. Some new faces and some old faces. Denso/Beefy Tokai was the match of the night

  • Okayama always bringing like 20+ players during Kurowashiki is so funny to me. Kawamoto really likes hoarding players.

    I know what you mean. He likes to makes subs on a whim, and/or maybe for other reasons .... but Okayama was roster limited to 14 players like everyone else, I think :/

  • Marcos is still there with Saitama. I thought he already left country. And Yuri Yoshino made a brief appearance near the end of the match as serve sub and hung around for a few points. She looked a little pale and frail, but I dunno. Poor girl. ACL injuries are a big dip in the road

    [edit] I stan Miiku Iwasawa :rose:

  • In other shenanigans, plus size wonder girl #10 Aya Hosonuma played non-receiving OH for Kurobe. Her back court digging wasn't bad but trying to time a run up and jump for a kill was ... awkward, at best. Bonus point: she did a few back court attacks :super:

    I have no idea what was behind this experiment

  • Speaking of ACLs, although I don't remember if it was ever officially announced as such, Toyota's #4 Brute Force Machine Girl Yukiho Hara wasn't rostered up for the Toyota match. She went down a year ago January, fresh outta Uni, a couple months before Yoshino. She's on the questionable "registered" list at Mainichi.

    " ... it was learned ... " Kurowashiki would be her return to court

    Toyota will probably go BCS next year, and Shigihara and Okawa stepped up well enough. It's just a shame when you're 21 or 22 years old and ready to make a splash only to find yourself back in the waiting pool. I don't know any Japanese player who's come back from an ACL injury like it never happened ... but I'm not real informed about that history

  • You'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that the girl in this blurry screencap who just made a reception A pass is Tsukuba's 3rd year MB extraordinaire #6 Haruka Oyama. She's more of a middle court MB attacker than a slider but also hits a lot like a traditional OP (Uni style). She can pass, she can dig, she blocks like a middle blocker, she kills OOS balls with aplomb. When you add back court attacking AND playing the reception line to her resume, she moves to my favorites list :super:

    She's built somewhere between Imamura and Yamada. Solid, with good posture. 177cm. She does her job quietly, doesn't have the charisma Haruka Maruo had so she's probably not going to be a fan favorite or Captain (The Real Yoshino Sato probably gets that next year)

    [Edit] She's also a two time Best Server Award winner last year for the All Japan Championship and Kanto Autumn League tournaments. Giddy up :!:

  • Shujitsu look tiny and overwhelmed without the Fukazawa Twins (and Norimi Soga), like a bunch of high school kids, but they scored 22 points in both sets against Toray yesterday and 22 and 24 against Denso tonight :box:

  • I feel bad for Hitachi, don't understand why they can't seem to win. Then again, I don't understand how Tsukuba ever loses a point, let alone a set or a match. Hitachi's squad seems solid and deep. An experienced setter would help a lot, and I've never been happy with the liberos post Arisa, but they gotta start winning some time or the hole they'll find themselves in will be hard to crawl out of

    Tsukuba 2–1 Hitachi

  • NSSU goofball Captain #1 Kiiro Omura has a good jump serve

  • PFU is doing a stuttered dub sub pretty often. When the OP goes back to serve the other OP comes in and Captain Horiguchi handles the setting chores until the OP serve is done. Then the other setter comes in

  • Kinrankai might steal a set from Okayama :huh:

    I hope NSSU steals one from PFU. I'm enjoying all three NSSU pin hitters.

  • OMG :rolll:

    Kinrankai players are so small and low to the ground their defense comes half accomplished before they move :cheesy:

    Not sure if the high set thing they are doing works as well for them as it does Seitoku

    OK and Kinrankai to a tie break. NSSU failed :(

  • Miharu :super:

    She's been playing well in this tournament