Volleyball Greece 2021-2022

  • i would say 55%-45% for Olympiakos

    but many Olympiakos' players are old and not in a good shape...i dont know if they have recovered from the last match

    I think they are a very balanced couple

  • Olympiakos - Panathinaikos 1-3 (25-23, 26-28, 21-25, 22-25)

    Olympiakos: Salas 20 (19/44, 1 ace), Hippe 19 (18/47, 1 block), Agost 9 (8/26, 1 ace), Giota 6 (4/9, 1 ace, 1 block), Emmanouilidou 6 (5/12, 1 block), Christodoulou 5 (3/5, 1 ace, 1 block), Konomi (l), Genitsaridi 7 (5/17, 2 blocks), Xanthopoulou 1 (1/1), Kelesidi 1 (1 block), Totsidou

    Panathinaikos: Grothues 23 (21/37, 2 blocks, 65% rec.), Chantava 19 (11/46, 4 aces, 4 blocks), Konstantinou 14 (13/38, 1 block), Cross 10 (8/19, 2 block), Metaxa 5 (5/7), Papafotiou 1 (1 ace), Rogka (l), Chatziefstratiadou 7 (1/4, 2 aces, 4 blocks), Stepanenko 3 (2/8, 1 ace)

  • especially in the last 2 games she was unstoppable...very important considering the 2 foreign opposites of Panathinaikos were not very good and the new coach didnt use them.


    1. Panathinaikos

    2. Olympiakos

    3. PAOK

    4. Aris

    5. Thetis

    6. AEK

    7. AO Thiras

    8. AO Lamias

    9. Markopoulo

    10. Pannaxiakos

    11. Ilisiakos


    12. Amazones

    13. Porfyras

    14. Aias

  • FOREIGN PLAYERS 2021-2022



    ned.gifMaret Grothues (OH)

    cyp.gifManolina Konstantinou (OH)

    aze.gifMargarita Stepanenko Azizova (OPP)

    BRA.gifMariana Brambilla (OPP)

    can.gifJennifer Cross (MB)


    bra.gifMari Paraiba (OH)

    cub.gifWilma Salas (OH)

    ger.gifSaskia Hippe (OPP)

    usa.gifTaylor Agost (OH)


    kor.gifDayeong Lee (S)

    kor.gifJaeyeong Lee (OH)

    fra.gifJuliette Fidon (OH)

    esp.gifMilagros Collar (OPP)


    usa.gifKatalyn Evans (OH)

    usa.gifCourtney Schwan (OH)

    arg.gifErika Merkado (OPP)


    ukr.gifOksana Rusnachenko (S)

    dom.gifVielka Peralta (OH)

    tur.gifCeyda Aktas (OH)


    usa.gifLindsey Vander Weide (OH)

    usa.gifMalina Terrel (OPP)

    usa.gifKazmiere Brown (MB)

    AO Thiras

    can.gifAndrea Mitrovic (OH)

    usa.gifSymon Abbott (OH)

    col.gifYeny Murillo (OPP)

    usa.gifAlexandra Holston (OPP)

    AO Lamias

    cub.gifIslen Castillo (OH)

    cub.gifYunieska Robles (OH)

    bra.gifHeloiza Pereira Lacerda (OPP)

    bra.gifViviane Goes (MB)


    srb.gifMilica Jovanovic (S)

    pur.gifSharlissa De Jesus (OH)
    pur.gifNoami Santos (OH)

    est.gifKadi Kullerkan (OPP)


    cro.gifJurja Vlasic (S)

    usa.gifAlexandra Lowe (OH)

    bra.gifClarisse Peixoto (OH)

    usa.gifRowan Ennis (MB)


    can.gifLeah Shevkenek (S)

    dom.gifErasma Moreno (OH)
    usa.gifJamie Stivers (OH)

    srb.gifMilica Radovic (OH)

    usa.gifDessaa Legros (OPP)

    cyp.gifEvita Leonidou (L)


    usa.gifAshley Watkins (S)

    bra.gifCarla Moreira (OH)

    cub.gifYanelis Santos (OPP)


    aze.gifShafagat Alishanova (S)

    aze.gifKseniya Pavlenko (OH)

    bra.gifThayná Rodrigues de Melo Soares (OPP)


    SRB.gifNada Dragovic (OH)


    usa.gifIngrid Hanson Tuntland (MB)


    usa.gifAbby Bertics (OPP)

    Apollon Kalamatas

    arg.gifAnahi Tosi (OPP)


    usa.gifAmanda Peterson (S)

    uru.gifSofia Neves (OH)


    usa.gifCasey Durham (OPP)


    cro.gifMarcella Saini (S)


    rus.gifYekaterina Sokolova (OPP)

    usa.gifAubrey Aspen (MB)


    srb.gifMilena Spasojevic (OH)


    Apollonios Keratsiniou

    rus.gifEkaterina Ripnaya (OH)


    arg.gifSofia Garcia (OH)

    Enwsi Virwna

    bih.gifSarah Brasselle (OPP)

    Elpida Ampelokipwn

    bih.gifSanja Kojic Duric (OPP)

    Niki Alexandroupolis

    CYP.gifGeorgia Chatzicharalambous (OPP)

    AS Giannina

    blr.gifElizaveta Chabay (OH)

    Argo Volou

    rus.gifPolina Prokudina (OH)

    cyp.gifChristina Aresti (L)

    AO Kavalas

    ukr.gifMaryna Deinega (OH)

    EA Larisas

    mkd.gifSofija Richlieva (S)

    Asklipios Trikalwn

    CYP.gifAnni Siaga (OPP)

  • Which one of these had a good season do you think? Based on stats cross and groutheus has been great so far

  • Grothues , Cross ,Terrell , Brown , Abbott, Kullerkan, Vlasic, Lee Da , Robles , Evans , Ennis , Santos and Aktas. They was the most consistents and good players in the League.

    Also they are other players who was also good but not so consistent. Salas wasn't so good in the first half of the season because she was trying to became who she was before her injury. After was became really really good , the best in her position in the League but she wasn't good in all the season and is not like she was before. Hippe she had some problems in the start of the season but when Parisi came she became better.

    Also Collar she was really good in the first half but not so stable. She had some really good matches and some bad ( the good was more). When fenolio came in PAOK Collar became a completely different player. She was reborn. I think that she wasn't so good for years. She was AMAZING in the second half of the season. The best in the League by far.

    Also Lindsey was amazing in the first half of the season even when AEK had a lot of problems with Covid and injuries. In the second half she became worst. I don't know why but she was bad.

    And Mercado was amazing in the first half but in the second not so good. Maybe she was tired because she needed to carry the team ( with evans) . The other players in Aris wasn't good attackers

  • I agree for Collar.She played in high level.

    Maret was amazing in the playoffs.Cross was very good in the start and in the middle of the season and after so so.

    Salas with so many ups and downs.

    I liked very much the 3 Americans of AEK.

    Terrell,Brown,Weide(even her level dropped significantly).

    The foreigners of Santorini were a tragedy.Just Abbott played somehow good.

    Ps Lee Da it's another story :lol:

  • Which one of these had a good season do you think? Based on stats cross and groutheus has been great so far

    My favorites were

    S: Lee

    OPP: Hippe, Mercado, Terrell, Collar + (Santos, Helo Pereira)

    OH: Salas, Grothues

    (Weide, Abbott, Evans, Robles, Aktas, Agost)

    MB: Cross, Brown

    Mariana Costa would be ok for a weaker team than Olympiakos

    I really didnt like Fidon, Stepanenko and Brambilla

    I expected more from the dom. rep. players (Moreno+Peralta)

  • Greek Champions 2021-2022

    Volleyleague: Panathinaikos

    Pre league: ZAON


    1st zone: Apollonios Keratsiniou

    2nd zone: Elpida Ambelokipon


    1st/Athens and East Attica: Asteras Agiou Dimiriou

    2nd/West Attica: Ionikos Nikaias

    3rd/Thessaloniki: Perseas

    4th/Thrace and East Macedonia: AE Komotinis

    5th/Macedonia: GS Grevenon

    6th/West Greece: PAS Giannina

    7th/Central Greece: AE Larissas

    8th/Peloponnese: Iris Argous

    9th/Crete: O.F.I.

    10th/Aegean: Ermis Pamfilon

    1st regional:

    Athens and East Attica: Dexameni Metamorfosis

    West Attica: Ethnikos Piraeus

    Thessaloniki: DEKA

    Central Greece: Olympiakos Volou

    Peloponnese; Ermis Patras

    2nd regional:

    Athens and East Attica: AO Anoixis

    West Attica; Iasonas Nikaias

    Thessaloniki: Iraklis Thessalonikis

    3rd regional:

    Athens and East Attica: AS Spaton Gaia