Volleyball Greece 2021-2022

  • I suppose now that they can focus solely on the Greece league they should be better & more rested?

    Now they will play in cev cup...

    I noticed that the cev site changed the court of paok from mikra to paok palace sport

  • Good point on them playing just enough to win, its true and also what Fidon said - but the receives were a bit too shaky for me (though the rest of the play wasn't too bad, like you said, Ilysiakos never scored >20pts)

    she seems very motivated even against the weakest teams...i thought she would be bored against that teams

    Good catch haha, yes it's very fun to watch her play cause of that.

    She's a fast & agile setter with stamina, so she's the type to chase after every ball even back in v-league all the time.
    A big reason why I became a fan is cause they always seem to be doing their best, while also really having fun/ celebrating during matches.

    Both talented and fun to watch.

    Also, easy to forget considering she blended so well into the team, but it has only been less than a month since she joined the team & started playing volleyball again - after 8 months away haha. Their first CEV match is next week too, so in a sense I'm sure she's also preparing for that.

    Now they will play in cev cup...

    I noticed that the cev site changed the court of paok from mikra to paok palace sport

    Oh that's right, Olympiacos will be in the other bracket where Busto is.

    And yes, PAOK said that their home game derby matches (against stronger opponents) will be shifted to PAOK Sports Arena (like the match against Olympiacos), while the rest will still remain in Mikra Stadium.

  • Two important matches today. The one is between Panathinaikos and Aris. Both of them they havent lost even a point so far, but they had easy program (havent play against PAOK, Olympiakos, AEK , AO Thiras and against each other). The other interesting match is the derby of the bottom (Ilisiakos - Amazones). The other 5 matches have clear favorites.

    The setter of Porfyras is injured and she will come back in January. The setter of AEK is also injured.

    Lamia last week had problems with 1st and 2nd setter and they used the libero as a setter ^^

    Olympiakos against Thetis played with the 2nd setter, probably because the 1st setter is not in a good shape. Melina Emmanouilidou (MB) didnt play and i think she wasnt in the bench.

    Carla Moreira of Amazones had in an injury in the first game of the season and she hasnt come back.

    Nikos Kostakopoulos is the new coach of Ilisiakos. His first game was against PAOK.

  • Aris - Panathinaikos 3-2 (18-25, 25-22, 26-24, 19-25, 15-12) σε 126'

    Aris: Mercado 30 (26/65), Schwan 19 (13/35), Evans 17 (17/55), Kioutsouki 4 (2/6), Tsobanidou 3, Drakoulidou 2, Petrinoli l, Tani, Gaitanidou 1, Lappa 4

    Panathinaikos: Stepanenko 34 (28/57, 4 blocks, 2 aces), Grothues 11 (10/29), Chantava 11 (11/34), Chatzieftratiadou 9 (6/12), Cross 6 (6/15), Papafotiou 2, Rogka l, Konstantinou 3 (2/8), Karagkouni 1

    Pannaxiakos - PAOK 1-3 (24-26, 12-25, 25-23, 17-25)

    Pannaxiakos: Liagki 20 (16/43), Nikologianni 10, Mitakidou 10
    PAOK: Merteki 14 (12/31). Fidon 13 (12/37), Collar 10 (10/35)

    AO Lamias - Olympiakos 0-3 (18-25, 17-25, 15-25)

    AO Lamias: Robles 10

    Olympiakos: Genitsaridi 15 (14/26)

    Porfyras - AEK 0-3 (12-25, 17-25, 21-25)

    Porfyras: Rodrigues 9

    AEK: Weide 14 (13/27), Terrell 14 (13/34)

    AO Thiras - Markopoulo 1-3 (23-25, 20-25, 25-22, 18-25)

    AO Thiras: Abbott 20 (15/34), Mitrovic 16 (15/40), Argiriou 15 (8/12, 6 block, 1 ace)

    Markopoulo: Kullerkann 18 (17/46), Santos 16 (14/39). Kalantaridou 15 (13/45)

    Thetis - Aias 3-0 (25-12, 25-23, 25-21)

    Thetis: Anthouli 17 (14/31)

    Iliisiakos - Amazones 1-3 (20-25, 10-25, 25-18, 21-25)

    Ilisiakos: Sotiriou 18, Radovic 14

    Amazones: Kasdovasili 16, Greka 15, Christodoulou 15

  • Standings

    1. Aris 20

    2. PAOK 19

    3. Panathinaikos 19

    4. Olympiakos 18

    5. AEK 17

    6. AO Thiras 17

    7. Thetis 10

    8. Amazones 9

    9. Markopoulo 7

    10. Aias 4

    11. AO Lamias 3

    12. Pannaxiakos 3

    13. Ilisiakos 1

    14. Porfyras 0

    1-8: play-offs

    9: nothing

    10-13 play-outs (elimination for 2 teams)

    14: elimination

  • 24/11 starts the greek cup (1st stage - teams from A2)

    2nd stage (A2 + preleague)

    The teams from volleyleague will play after 12/1

    The teams from volleyleague that they will refuse to play, they will loose 3 points in volleyleague ranking.

  • The Aris vs Panathinaikos match going into 5 sets is probably the best scenario for PAOK to overtake in the ranks haha (granted PAOK can continue winning 3pts each match). Interested to see how those 2 teams will fare against stronger teams.

    It's a pity that Pannaxiakos is looked down on by Korean media as a "weak team" due to their losing streak & low ranking, when they're quite a strong team (at least mid-rank rather than low). They really don't do their research at all. They were unlucky to face all the strongest teams in a row - Aris, Panathinaikos, Thiras, Athens, Olympiacos.

    Was slightly worried since it was an away game for PAOK but thankfully we still won 3points. 1st set was bit worrying though.

    Looking at the match report, seems like Coach Floros' change in rotation for sets 2 & 4 worked well against Pannaxiakos. Not sure why since I'm not too familiar with the opposing players, but 2&4 were easier sets for sure.

    They had really strong serves which completely messed up our receives... 49%-13% is... set 2 even had 0% excellent receives

    But I guess it's also why they had so many mistakes as well, trying to serve strong.

    Additionally, it was mentioned by the Pannaxiakos commentator during the match that Jaeyeong did not follow the team to Naxos as she's recovering from a minor injury (perhaps due to the sudden return to high impact play after 8 months).
    I'm glad she's allowed to rest & recover, but I do hope it's really minor and we can see her play in the upcoming CEV Cup match next match.

  • i think the worst teams are Ilisiakos and Aias. Porfyras and Lamia also dont have good results, but they had injury problems.

    Pannaxiakos had taken set from Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, AEK so i wasnt surprised that they fight against PAOK.


    MVP: Mercado

    Mercado in the Olympics games showed that she can be on a good level even against the best teams in the world (11/28 against Turkey, 14/24 vs USA, 12/32 vs China, 9/24 vs Russia). Now she is the best scorer of the league.

    Top scorers

    1.Mercado (Aris) 154

    2.Kullerkann (Markopoulo) 137

    3.Anthouli (Thetis) 133

    4.Abbott (AO Thiras) 126

    5.Liagki (Pannaxiakos) 118

  • Matches of TOP7


    PAOK - Thetis

    AO Thiras - AEK


    Porto (POR) - Olympiakos


    Asterix (BEL) - PAOK

    Ostrava (CZE) - Panathinaikos

    Thetis - Scandicci (ITA)

    AO Thiras - Oudegem (BEL)


    Scandicci (ITA) - Thetis


    Panathinaikos - AO Thiras

    Aris - AEK


    Olympiakos - Porto (POR)

    Panathinaikos - Ostrava (CZE)

    PAOK - Asterix (BEL)


    AO Thiras - Oudegem (BEL)


    Olympiakos - Aris

    AEK - Panathinaikos


    Panathinaikos - Olympiakos

    AO Thiras - AEK


    Olympiakos - AO Thiras

    PAOK - Aris


    CEV matches


    AEK - Olympiakos

    Panathinaikos - PAOK


    CEV matches


    AO Thiras - PAOK

  • Just watch PAOK v Thetis...

    What a match!!!

    5 set with tie break in every set... must be exhausting....

    Very good defense from Thetis, while PAOK is not so good .. That tallest player from Thetis (sorry, don't know her name) is MVP for me.. She's so sharp in attack and very good at blocking n digging...

    First taste of lost for LDY since she joined... don't know if it affected the ranking....

  • in the last matches she has improved very much. She scored more than 20p. against PAOK and Olympiakos

    Yesterday she played very well.All the players of PAOK served the most of the times on Aktas.I think she is the best player of Thetis.Sure Anthouli can score more but she is not very experienced and makes errors.She is just 17 years old.

  • Aktas was really good and was targeted by PAOKs serves, she carried Thetis for the first 2 sets though they made a lot of mistakes.
    Anthouli didn't perform well till the end of 3rd set, but after winning the 3rd, she went into full drive for the last 2 sets bringing Thetis to their victory.

    Gotta give this match to Thetis who wanted to win more than PAOK did.

    PAOK has been quite disappointing for me in the past few matches despite having weaker opponents, poor and inconsistent defence (receives/ attack cover/ digs/ blocks). Makes it very worrying for CEV Cup which is a knockout tournament.
    Despite winning the first 2 sets, they were both deuces and we lost large leads to Thetis unnecessarily. Too many poor mistakes, especially in 3rd and last set.

    Floros made some odd substitutions in the 3rd set which unfortunately didn't work out in PAOK's favour.
    I feel he's definitely playing Greek teams with the CEV Cup match in mind, instead of focusing on them first (which he claimed he is in his interview).

    Even as a fan I do think subbing Dayeong out in the 4th set for Elisavet for PAOK was a good move.

    I think she got tired after running for all those sets/digs in the first 3 sets. Considering her 8 month hiatus, her stamina likely isn't as good as it once was.
    Her back seems to be strained too cause she needed to tape it.

    My only thought during the match was hoping that Jaeyeong could recover quick and join the team for the upcoming CEV match against Asterix.

    Her receives was considered her weakness, but judging by how the team is playing now, I feel her receives would be better than both Merteki & Fidon. Though her block will be shorter, her timing is good. Her digs and attacks are definitely better too. Just concerned about her knee and jumps.