USA NCAA Volleyball Fall 2021

  • I just made some research and besides Krześlak below new players will for sure play in USA:

    1. Setter Julia Kabala - Midland College

    2. MB Laura Walewska - California Baptist University

    3. Setter Magdalena Rogalska - Temple University

    4. Jagoda Szybińska - Vincennes University

    5. Anna Brytkowska - Western TEXAS College

    6. Opp Olga Sawińska - Sienna College

    7. Natalia Ślażyńska - Arizona Western College

    8. Setter Wiktoria Kowalczyk - St. John's University

    9. OH Martyna Leoniak - Hawaii Univ

    10. Natalia Szybińska - Northern State University

    11. MB Klaudia Pawlik - University of Tennessee

    12. Setter Ewa Kostera - University of the Incarnate Word

    13. OH Sara Wagner - Sienna College

    14. Setter Patrycja Zielińska - Temple University

    15. OH Oliwia Durka - North Carolina State Univ

    16. Opp/OH Julia Orzoł - Wisconsin Univ

    17. Setter Katarzyna Partyka - Long Beach State Univ

    18. Opp Agata Lesiak - Coastal Carolina Univ.

    19. Agata Bogdańska - Hillsborough College Florida

    20. Setter Zofia Szczotkiewicz - Wichita State University

    21. Gracjana Różańska - Davis & Elkins College

    22. Setter Gabriela Owczarek - Central Methodist University

    23. Małgorzata Banasiak - Vincennes University

    24. OH/Setter Dominika Skoneczna - Bethel University

    25. Opposite Martyna Kmuk - Dodge City College

    26. Opposite Maja Malczewska - Fresno State University

  • Does Poland get bad winters?

    I hope Natalia Szybińska is prepared :lol:

  • Does Poland get bad winters?

    I hope Natalia Szybińska is prepared :lol:

    Yes, we do. (But it depends of what you call 'bad winter')

    I see she is from west Poland, so probably -10 C (14 F) is bad winter for her :D

  • Wisconsin accidentally leaked their schedule.

    Looks like the Big Ten might move to divisions? (East and West) Played your own division twice and the opposite once.

    This does not help the elite teams (minus Penn State). They're all in the western half (Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Purdue). vs Ohio State and Penn State in the east


  • Libero Jayme Cox transfering from Michigan State after being their starting libero for four years. Curious where she will continue playing, because I like her!