CEV Champions League 2022

  • Cansu as best setter is the biggest joke ever.

    I thought you'd be crying, good that you have come here and comment :gone::gone:

  • tenor.gif

    Only in Turkish fans heads.

    She is not even in top 5 best setters.

    She can be happy that She is Turkish nothing else.

  • Congrats to Vakif, they played as team. Guidetti ones again lead his team as true leader and brava to Gabi. She is AMAZING. The best OH right now.

    Conegliano has terrible OH duo, Sylla was ok but Plummer my God. She destroyed team chemistry as team flow.
    And Santarelli didn’t do anything to help them with terrible subs.

    Wolosz ones again showing that She is on top of the World with De Gennaro.

    Can’t wait to watch her with way better OHs, even when everyone know that Egonu is gone get set She still makes her life much easier with her great skills.

    Next season She is gone have Gray-Robinson-Haak. This season She only had Egonu.

    Until next season :wavy:

  • :rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll:

    Good one but you can do better.

    What surprises me that you are serious when you think that Cansu is world class setter and that She is better than Wolosz, my Goddnessss:what::sos:

  • Just to add

    She was the better one last time this two teams met at WCCH.

    And she was ROBBED.

    At WCCH She was on better level but today mediocrate at her best. Literally. Not single woow efect.

    High boring sets not using MBs. Boring as hell.

  • Congratulations to Vakifbank, the best team in the world who don’t rely on one player only. Cansu has show she might not be the most stable setter out there but she knows how to get the job done. She knows who is her hot hand. Definitely the best setter in all major league in the world right now. Zehra the best middle in this tournament who never get subbed. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Being the best setter of the competition doesn't mean best setter of the world... Everybody knows Wolosz is better than Cansu overall... We can argue that Cansu isn't even the best Turkish setter.. but Cansu winning this individual award shouldn't be that foreign of a concept, she played quite well, especially in the last set and that should count more than name or history

  • I am wondering whether Wolosz will pose with that trophy LoL :rolll::rolll: