CEV Champions League 2022

  • Oh my! Vakifbank has crushed Monza in the 2nd set even with Melis on court:whistle:

  • She is not but Eda are.


    Am I Bulgarian with your logic, my fathers side came from Bulgaria too sfdnjsfndjksdjkfnsdfjkn it is the exact same for her and it's not even Bosnia but Serbia as pointed out before. Can't wait for you to claim Dalia Wilson is American and the half Russian youngster is Russian. Do you even understand how nationalities work? Or understand anything

  • It's interesting that both Davyskibas (Hanna and her husband) have very similar characteristic as players, they're both equally talented and obviously share nationality, name and club as well. :)

    Monza has some serious depth among spikers, it is quite impressive how good they play considering that Gennari-Mihajlovic duo was considered as a starting one before this season. But both Van Hecke and Stysiak are weak today, Orro wasn't too helpful, but it's inexplicable.

  • And btw this Italian team sucks, just like VB today

  • I’m asking about Monza players not your imagineri. Already trying to transfer whole Conegliano team for next season.

    And why Gennaro is not starting OH ?! :what:

    lol You asked about Gennaro and she is not even a player of this team. You are trying to transfer whole Conegliano to Monza.

    Sorry for off topic, but I had to.

  • Maybe you are right but she stayed on court like 2 mins. We shouldn't judge her by that.

    No only in this match but the general observation on her play. Her finger strength is too weak as a setter, she may look fine in Yesilyurt as no one there needed high sets. But in top teams the hitters can play with both high and fast sets, and she’s obviously struggling. Maybe she will prove me wrong in the future, but I don’t see much improvement on this aspect from the first year she was in Vakif till now.

  • Oh Monza stoped to play, Orro is not playing like She did in first set. The main difference.

  • I hate it when you can see in the players eyes that they are not fighting, like come on. Where is fire in the eye :down:

    Especially Orro, She is literally different player when She is in the lead. She is not smiling, like She doesn’t trust her players at all.

  • Oh that Belarus OH is playing worst and worst how much goes. She doesn’t have that quality for high level match.

  • Oooh lush swing from Gabi