CEV Champions League 2022

  • I hope the final set shows Lavarini it's a possibility to play with Daalderop and Herbots as outside hitter duo!:roll:

  • Vuchkova is in a sense lucky that Fahr got injured. Without that she wouldn't have been transferred to Conegliano and I'm sure her performance there gets her a lot of offers from other (top) teams

    Also I was about to comment that Conegliano looked so off and exhausted today (I mean not their volleyball but their expressions etc.) but Egonu said in the post match interview that they need a break and some days without volleyball in their minds. I guess that explains it all

  • Lokomotiv7 Points8-3 Sets
    Dinamo Ak-Bars7 Points8-4 Sets
    Vero Volley6 Points7-3 Sets
    Grupa Azoty Chemik6 Points6-4 Sets
    Dinamo Moscow5 Points6-5 Sets

    Competition for 2nd place qualifiers is going really close this time, even though Dinamo seems a little behind.

  • What a time for Gates to discover her serving talent :super:

    And I guess Loko's blockers will have nightmares about Geerties tonight :rolll: It's so funny to see their frustration after she uses their hands again and again.

    Smarzek is just getting bullied at the net. She's not getting her hands over and everything's landing on her side of the net.

    Janiska has 8 points... Gates leads with 11 (5 aces!)

  • Loko receivers are soooo bad. They need Voronkova ASAP :white:

  • brava dresdner

    I love german teams,they play so good in last years they challenged top teams

    One question,why stutgart isn't there? And schwerin ?

  • I'll be kinda upset if someone writes, in the Russian NT thread, that Ezhak, Vorobyeva, Zaytseva, and Ryseva deserves a call this summer :whistle::read: